Friday, 4 January 2013

2013 and the past

Hello people that read this blog. I hope you had a merry festive season and are enjoying the first few days of the year; the very odd year that is 2013. Imagine a thirteenth month where it would be Friday the 13th 2013. I am sure end of the world activists would have a field day both predicting the end and coming up with excuses after the world continued. I also ask you all for forgiveness. It is not everyday that I have to be blessed with your eyes scanning through my annoying works but I am back and hoping to be a better person.

So let me start with a few things that happened towards the end of 2012. The world did not end as many had predicted. Actually, droves of people went to work and did not give a damn about the day. The world just refused to end. It seems God has a far better plan for the future and these doomsday sayers should give it a rest. Seriously, don't they get tired with looking for some serious excuse for the world not ending. Personally, if I was a mad preacher of the end day, i would be hiding under some stone. My christmas would have been spent under a stone asking for divine interference in my preaching life.

The only lucky mad people to come out this were the Mayans. They predicted the end of the world but sadly enough, they failed to be accurate. I wonder what lesson this teaches but whatever it is, it must be to not throw everything into something.

Now back to my inner rumblings. In the time I have been away from this place, I have had a number of intersting conversations. For starters the girls I talked to made me listen to their stupid conversation again. I was disgusted with the foolish banter they were sharing. I mean what the hell goes through the minds of my generation? I understand that sex is a very important part of life but like my mother says, 'Sex never gets old. It will always be there.'

I have no actual problem with those that have high libidos, I just hate the way peope hate on others that are very proud of their purity. To an extent I believe that such people are really great and better than most of the sex crazed mad people. People have all forgotten that virginity is supposed to be a gift to the future spouse. My generation is obsessed with losing it that you will find a 14 year old girl giving it out whole heartedly because it makes her look cool.

But hey, I am just rumbling and nothing against you sex starved humans. Maybe in 2013, kids shall remember the true essence of the activity. 2013 will be a great year if only we could all remember where we came from. It seems the more we evolve as humanbeings, the more the past loses meaning with us. We must understand that the past cannot be changed but it still leads us on. So don't forget where you came from and who you really are because that simple path will make you better come 2013.

So looking forward to an unforgetable year...until next time my dearies...

Where we have come from is where we are going,
The past defines what makes the inside glow.
It paints the pictures that we see in the mind.
It fashions the art we love to see endure.
The past is our key to who we are.
Forget it and believe in what you have no clue about,
Forsake it and lose touch with those that watch over you.
Never forget and the stars that bathe the sky shall watch your steps.
The spirits entwined with the stars;
the ghosts of the past are watching;
begging and clearly holding on to the last strand of the link.
Do not lose the link with who we are because they are holding on to it;
and we are not.