Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A Letter to the Ignorant

There are times that you find yourself without a choice anymore. You might not understand what is right, but you should not just give up. If you know what is going on, you cannot just keep quiet. You cannot just sit there and be happy in your ignorance claiming that ignorance is bliss. Ignorance has never been bliss. It is a false heaven hidden away from the realities of real life…tucked away from the pain, sorrows and tears of those in pain that are crying for the present.
The problem is that history has given us example after example of what a majority of ignorance can lead to. We are all too aware what being silent can lead. It can take us down a path where we see less of the true potential of the coming future. It is not a path that those old enough to remember want us to remember. You have to speak up before our blood soaked history happens all over again.
As we speak up or attempt to, we can try to determine what exactly determines friend or foe. Is it the colour of one’s skin? Is it the ideals one believes in? What is it? Do you have that answer? Do you even know what it means?
Each and every one of us has a heart. Most times this piece of muscle is in motion full of passions and deep feelings. It is these passions that make me realise however much we say we are ignorant, we are not. We are loving animals full of life and only scared to show that side of us, but we are traveling through the surface of time and time dictates that we throw away any notions of ignorance.
If you do not believe me I am going to ask you to simply try one small thing. Look up to the sky that is always blue at any point in time. But in this day and age, doesn’t that endless blueness squeeze your heart? You see the endless days of violence that gave birth to our age of tense peace, filled all the survivors with endless sorrow. Those survivors are too afraid to let go of what they fought for and have managed to suppress the current generations, which have the views of tomorrow.
But…I say to those sad and old cowards,
Life goes on. 
As long as you still have your burning souls, and even if the truth loses sight of you, life goes on. Even if you wanted to protect it and your heart was shattered, your eyes which knew the true sorrow of yesterday can be filled with the same love that made you fight for the world you dreamed of. You know what is right and what is needed, so don’t be afraid to remain behind the walls of ignorance.
Let go of your fears and pass on what needs to be passed on.
Do not let the light that our forefathers fought for in days past, scatter in vain. Stop being ignorant and awaken to the truths of this world. The time to speak out has come. Use your voice and awaken all your neighbours pretending to be ignorant from that place where sorrow engulfs everything.
If you love deeply with your strong courage and hopes then how can you be ignorant? The memories of the sins of the past should be a wake up call. I know that somewhere deep down, those memories bind all the entangled souls lost in ignorance. That is what you should be aiming for.
Feed off those memories. Let them move you and those around you. If you fight the ignorance you shall awaken from that slumber and illuminate the whole world, from this place we have all been cast into by the rest of the world. Do not let this world stop you from believing in today. Do not let what is happening be the reason to shut your mouth. Continue believing in today and what can happen for the future generations.
But if I may ask you, why do you feign ignorance when you know things and can speak up for the greater good?
The state of the world has made more and more people pretend to be ignorant. It is better to be ignorant that speak out. Even if you do not like someone and are unwilling to listen to them, you shut up and act like a robot.
You are not a robot, but still maybe we need to learn that ignorance is not the answer and that speaking out also involves tolerance. That is what is really lacking in this world. That is what has forced many to be ignorant because if you do not agree with the authority, you are labelled a traitor and a persona non grata.
But I want to ask…
Are you the only person that is right and will not accept anyone that you do not like and agree with? That kind of sentiment puts things in the minds of people “What if I had power, real power? If only I could get a hold of such power?” …sentiments that in my dear country seem to be causing the birth of a new rebel group…
Anyone that thinks that they do not have power will probably think that way and become a curse on the peace. But you see the problem is that once you get hold of that kind of power you are the one that makes other people ignorant. You make them cry. Do not forget that as you wallow in your own pit of ignorance.
You see you are not the only one who is right. If you get power and think that the time to come out of the ignorant tide has come, do not forget the last two paragraphs and wield your power blindly and ignorantly, for your own personal reasons and justice. That would just make you a destroyer of the innocent and nothing else.
So do not be ignorant. Do not be a coward. If you know something, speak up and do not be afraid. And to those making others be ignorant, life does go on. You can let go and trust that those who have a vision of tomorrow in this current age will do as you did, they will lead the world forward and you can sleep easy at let the world pass on to other hands.