Thursday, 9 January 2014

What The Hell is it Today?

Hello people of the world. It has been long since I last checked in to bother you lot with my mindless chatter of the world. To those that are angry, I am really sorry. To those that are pleasantly surprised, please come again and to all of you, I beg to ask a question;
What is sex? Virgin or not you have an answer somewhere in your mind about sex.
Sex is whether you are a man or a woman. That is what my grandmother would love to believe. You see, I know that my grandmother is from the generation where making love/coitus was a thing between man and woman who were actually wedded. To them, if you were asked what is sex? It simply meant are you a man are you a woman. That I believe is what jaja’s generation was told by their teachers.
But who am I kidding. Sex has always been sex. In the eyes of the old people, ancients long past and immoral tads that roam the world today, sex is just sex. But of course there are some romantics such as myself (or so I would like to think on occasion) that believe it should be an act between two willing and consenting adults with more of a connection other than spending a night together doing nothing but drinking in some bar either for pity’s sake or for celebration (take your pick if you have been somewhere in there before).
Before I go very far, let me tell you all that in my eyes, the world of today has ruined sex beyond recognition. I mean in the past, boys could not wait to become men just so as to get married and make endless love (sex) to their wife. In some cases they could sharpen their skills in the brothels of their towns, villages and cities. It was a thing that you looked forward to.
As for the women, it was the path to womanhood. True, most were tender innocent infants the first time, but they too were curious about it (Disclaimer here, I am a son of the 90’s so this is an assumption.). On that rare occasion they would go for the forbidden with the castle hand, kitchen boy, herd’s man or some other fellow in there. Sex was sacred. It was something you really longed for, not because it was everywhere, but because you were just growing up.
But hey…thanks to the media of today and over liberalization of the world (thank you bloody land of the free), sex is blown out of proportion. There is too much sex round the youngsters of the world. Everywhere you look is screaming sex. The billboards, the tabloids, the role models such as those shits that call themselves celebrities (Uganda’s case Juliana K…); sex is out there. It is like they are screaming at us that sex is here to stay. Well God created man and woman for the purpose of sex (no offence it just is). But the fucking world is building castles in the skies about the entire act. The world needs to get the dyke back up and stop being a wanton sex advert every now and then.
Kids go into the stupid decision of having sex and their dreams are shattered. The illusion that it is a really awesome thing is smashed into smithereens. People sex is not all that the world is making it out to be. Nine times out of ten there is no special bond or connection when it comes to it, hence a crap load of lousy.
In truth I envy the virgins. Honestly, there is nothing that you are missing. I would tell you to wait until that moment when it feels right and you are sure that arse you’re letting bang you (women) or that minx you are going to screw (men) is the one you are going to be with and continue to work on making the shattered dream into a reassembled piece of art with very many crack lines.
Sex has turned into something wrong and we need to work on it but that is not my role. That is up to the world. We need to stand up and say enough is enough. It is like each coming generation is worse than the one before and this has to stop. We need to find the old ways and insert them in the new world. Just my thought…  
If I have offended anyone, it was not my intention. I am sorry. Until the next time, I remain your dream chasing four-eyed young chap…