Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Full Potential That Never Is.....

Has it ever occured to anyone that the world is a slippery place? I doubt that. It seems that the narrow minded views of many of my peers make them believe in the bliss that is the world. Yes, sure the world can be a good place, but it can also be a pie full of dung. do not ask me why I am coming to such a conclusion. It will get you no where with an answer.

Anyway, hello to all of you wonderful visitors to my blog. I call you wonderful because, you have all stuck with my inconsistency. I know it takes a lot of time and anger to read these things but I thank you for bearing with me.

So to the point of my mad rant. I can count about a million people out here in the world that will agree with me in an instant. With a population bordering on the wrong side of 5 billion (recalling my Geography of high school), that is quite a small figure. but let us add those people we will have to get intouch with once I finish this, then the percentage shoots up.

Let me be honest with you all. The one reason more people than ants will agree with this statement is simple. They are all afraid. Personally, i do not agree with this statement. It is a basin full of hog piss. Yes, I am being rather provocative with my words, so if you are offended, I would ask you not to read on. Anyway, most people in the world are afraid. We are all afraid to chase down that dream that we have.

I will not lie that I was not afraid when I decided to get published. It was and will always be my dream to be a fantasy writer. That will never change. So when I got the chance and took it, I was literally pissing in my pants everytime someone asked me about it. I could barely hold a pen in place without making a scratchy rune out of fear. But once I got over that small block, I started to settle into what I would like to call the bliss.

Sure, I am not a bestseller, but I am getting there. I know what it feels like to sit down in front of a blank screen for hours on end. I know how it feels like to go on a diet of coffee, tea and juice for nights and days. I know how it feels to forget about everything else because you are chasing what you want. I am chasing it and I have taken the first step. The Golden gates will not be my best work but it will be my most important work. It will be the one book I will always remember because it made me get over my fear of chasing my dream.

We all have dreams. I know people that want to own ranches but will never gather the guts to try and farm a small garden. Yes you have to start somewhere. I know some people who want to be leading actors but are too afraid to try and get into a play. I know more people that are angry and sad every morning because they didnot listen to that little voice inside urging them to try and follow your dream.

But I know a few pwople that are happy. I know a lady who is happily cooking her way into business. Yes it is hard collecting payment but she is happy. I know a girl that is happy to be in the Top 5 of a singing competition. I know another who is starting a mushroom farm and is happily going to his garden every morning.

A thousand people will tell you, study...get a fucking job and you're set but there is always that one who will shake his or her head and tell you know. That person will assure you that turning your passion into your job is far more satisfying than what the thousands are telling you.

The world is littered with many examples of people turning passions into jobs which make them a lot happier...Warren B., Sean C., Bill G., Cristiano R., Leonardo M., Ramsey, Lochte R. and so many more. Who tells you you can't write because writers work on deadlines and possibilities? Who tells you, you can't sing because singers have to be overly sexual? Who tells you, you can't teach because teachers are not respected?

It is your life, your dream and your happiness...

Here is a little something for all of you to think with;

To him it is a child's voice,
To her it is the voice of passion,
To me it is my heart.
What the heart wants it seeks.
If you refuse it, and thousands do,
the sandy beaches oft turn into blazing stones in a furnace.
Listen to the voice and smile,
It will guide you on the path,
be it hard and treacherous,
it is the path to your full potential....
Follow that voice and never give in;
never give in to the whims of those that did not listen.
Do what you must and in time,
the potential that could have been,
will be the potential that is.

Until we meet again, I remain you true and simple nerd...well that is an overstatement...

Samuel S. B.