Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Great Strength in Fear



First off, I would like to apologize for the gravest of sins. For starters, I have not been posting on the monthly basis which I had fallen into. Last I checked, I posted on 19 July...two whole freaking months from sometime this week. Wow...what an arse I have been...what an unthoughtful idiot I have been to those that on occasion check out my blog and read the insane or sane (that is rather up to you to decide) rumblings of a young man.

Secondly, I would like to welcome you to my rumbling for the month, day, week...whatever you would like to think of. I know that it takes time to read something on the internet and for you to go beyond this point is really touching (I am not being sarcastic for you damn pessimists). I am being totally honest man.

And now.....

In my writing career, young as it may seem, I have discovered that it takes more than a few blows below the belt to jolt you into action. I have been writing since I can remember...some of my first stories had knights in golden armor called Samuel...who were kings of Fantasy realms, others had Phillip Connor, the boy wizard I thought Harry should have been at my tender age of 10 (sorry Ms. Rowling, your writing affected us youngsters so), a few had vampires and werewolves tearing themselves apart (I am not ashamed to say I started reading Anne Rice at 11). Trust me I read a lot and wrote a lot.

But as I have become older and less picky on my reading material, I have realized that most heroes in the great books are afraid of something. How the fuck else do you become great? You must fear to lose something...maybe even someone...for you to find great strength. It is easy to turn that unusual fear of what might be into a strength.

Let me use a few characters in some of my favorite fantasy works, now and then. King Arthur was afraid of letting down his honor and heritage, hence the great myth or fact that is one of the most notable scions of chivalry (even in this world if today where it is seemingly dead). Aragorn, King Elessar Telecontar of the reunited kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor, was afraid of failing his people. He was afraid of losing his queen to be, Evenstar and most of all he was afraid of his friends failing to destroy the one ring (my precious).

But the obscure ranger from the north picked up the shards of Narsil reforged in Anduril and led the west into battle in hope of his friend Frodo succeeding. We all know he found the strength and became the first king of the reunited realms.

Another hero, many might disagree (A Song of Ice and Fire fans that is), the kingslayer, Jamie Lannister, found strength in his fear of what people really thought of him. In my understanding the queen's lover was frightened to the point that he actually took a beating every day from a silent man to become a better swords man and in all a better man. Some might say the fear and lingering feeling of attraction to Brienne of Tarth caused that but it was all fear.

Let me use someone I am familiar with as I created him, Aravoen Elurin. He is the last with the true royal blood of the Easel and he spends a lot of time hiding. True, he knows that he might have a destiny greater than any but he is afraid to embrace it. He is afraid to fail, after-all, his forefathers remained hidden princes. They could have become great lords like him. Somehow he finds strength in the fear of failing to take up a task many would dim stupid and suicidal but he does take it up.

What I am trying to say is; We are all afraid. We are all allowed that one moment of cowering in our panties and shit...but we are all given the right to let that fear drive us. No great man was never afraid. Just look at the greats...take your pick...some did not believe in the fear or so they told us but I am sure when defeat and potential failure stares you straight in the face, there is no way you will not be quivering.

It is up to you to take that first quivering step and you will find that you are happy that you did. Fear makes you great because it does give you great strength.

Take what you can from my post, but use it well today tomorrow or even next year, but listen.

As usual, I will leave with this little wandering. Mind you it is not connected to the above written (non)sense. Before I forget, kindly berate this poem:

It claims my heart without asking,
But I give it free,
No pain, no pity and no longing.
But still the whisper is free.
It knows nothing of the wings;
the wings of lost and untamed fires,
For it claims without asking.

Thank you as always...and I owe you one whoever you are,

Samuel S. B. (The boy that uses his fear to chase his dreams to the end)

Friday, 19 July 2013

The True Meaning of Racism

Good morning, good evening, good...whatever it is. I hope life is going on brilliantly for all of you...I hope life is not as trashy as it should be.

Today, I am tempted to touch a very sensitive matter and right now it is touch and go because the fact is Trayvon Martin was a victim of the system and the prosecution team's inadequacy. It clearly resembles the O. J. Simpson matter as regards the arguments of the prosecution team.

However, despite all of this, I want to ask what is racism? Someone says it is based on hierarchy. Another says you have to bring in slavery. But let us be objective; start with the meaning. Racism is hostile or oppressive behavior towards 'people' because they belong to a different race. Key word being people. I think the number of races in the world is more than the two we are so keen to identify. The races are not black or white. They are more than that...5 if my research is right and these are; Mongoloid (Asian and American Indian), Caucasoid (European), Australoid (Australian and oceanic), Negroid (east African black), Capoid (south African black). I wonder where the black and white distinction came in.

As regards slavery, the African chiefs at times willingly participated in it for exchange of goods. True the Arabs raided the interior from time to time but if we really wanted, we could have beaten the shit out of those arses and sent them back to the coast. We cowered away and let them take us.  Now that right there is what I would call one race attacking another. And to be fair the arabs had exhausted themselves as a source of slaves to trade they expanded. It was not right but they did.

Sorry, it seems I am going off topic but anyway to the point. I doubt that it is fair for me a lad straight from Africa to say something degrading against a white man. I believe that is racist but according to some of the people I have discussed this with, it is not because, the white man is apparently in a place above me on the hierarchy. Seriously people, seriously...how can that not be racist.

I think it is us being hypocritical. Racism should not be about the white looking down on the black. What of the blacks who slur at the whites? What of people saying crap to a white man because of his skin? This doesn't make sense.

I am sure there are many examples of racism in the reverse. True, the black are the most affected, true we are the ones that cry out loudest against it but does it mean we should also partake in it. My argument might be weak but at least I hope there is some sense in it, deep down. There should be some high ground that we should all adhere to.

Racism is not about hierarchy it is about the people. If an Indian slams on the African, if an African shits on the Caucasian, if the Caucasian pisses on the face of the Afro-Arab...all that is racism. It is not about the white vs black. It is about the people. Racism should be what it is defined as in the dictionary not what we feel it should be because if it is what we think it should be (white vs black and vice versa) then we are being hypocrites. Every fucking soul deserves respect...right from the Mongoloid to the Negroid...

Just so you know, I am not defending the white systems. I am an African really bothered by the whole African and African-American view of racism. I am just being objective...if you've noticed what I have just said sounds racist.I do not believe that I am entitled to say something offensive to another person because my skin tone puts me far down the hierarchical ladder. It is racism through out and we should not take it for granted...just because of social conventions.

No poems for today...this is a very sensitive matter to all of us.

My skin is my skin,
but my heart is not my skin,
my mind was molded out of my wit,
be I black, be I white, be I brown,
I am more than what you see,
I am a person...

Until the next time, I remain your carefree dream chaser...

Keep chasing you dreams and avoid the hypocrisy that is our world as best you can....

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Leaving the Past


It is that time of the month once again. I know I am going to irritate many; maybe bore a few but all the same, I have something nagging me. It is seated right there, promising to tear my unusually soft head.

Anyway, there are a lot of things that we as humans enjoy to do. For starters, everyone likes to have that moment where they think of the past (that everyone includes me). It is not wrong so long as you do it objectively and not emotionally.

Objectively would mean simply taking whatever lessons there are in the past and using them now to make sure your go for whatever it is that you are chasing. You do not have to look at the past with longing and wishing you could change. there is no good that will come over it save for say, running back into the arms of that neurotic bitch that smacked you right in the face or that piss brained fool who took a shit on your pride. It could even go as far as giving that thieving moron a second chance. When you do that, you are being quite emotional in your temporary trip down memory lane.

This is a poem I stole from my aunt but it works....
Learn from it...
Leaving the City of Regret

I had not really planned on taking a trip this time of year, and yet I
found myself packing rather hurriedly. This trip was going to be
unpleasant, and I knew in advance that no real good would come of it.
I'm talking about my annual "Guilt Trip."

I got tickets to fly there on Wish I Had airlines.
It was an extremely short flight.

I got my baggage, which I could not check. I chose to carry it myself
all the way. It was weighted down with a thousand memories of what
might have been.

No one greeted me as I entered the terminal to the Regret City
International Airport. I say international because people from all
over the world come to this dismal town.

As I checked into the Last Resort Hotel, I noticed that they would be
hosting the year's most important event, the Annual Pity Party. I
wasn't going to miss that great social occasion.
Many of the town's leading citizens would be there.

First, there would be the Done family, you know, Should Have, Would
Have and Could Have.

Then came the I Had family.
You probably know ol' Wish and his clan.

Of course, the Opportunities would be present, Missed and Lost.

The biggest family would be the Yesterday's. There are far too many of
them to count, but each one would have a very sad story to share.

Then Shattered Dreams would surely make an appearance. And It's Their
Fault would regale us with stories (excuses) about how things had
failed in his life, and each story would be loudly applauded by Don't
Blame Me and I Couldn't Help It.

Well, to make a long story short, I went to this depressing party
knowing that there would be no real benefit in doing so.
And, as usual, I became very depressed.

But as I thought about all of the stories of failures brought back
from the past, it occurred to me that all of this trip and subsequent
"pity party" could be cancelled by ME!

I started to truly realize that I did not have to be there.
I didn't have to be depressed. One thing kept going through my mind, I

I can be happy, joyous, fulfilled, encouraged, as well as encouraging.
Knowing this, I left the City of Regret immediately and left no
forwarding address.

Am I sorry for mistakes I've made in the past? YES!
But there is no physical way to undo them.

So, if you're planning a trip back to the City of Regret, please
cancel all your reservations now.

Instead, take a trip to a place called, Starting Again. I liked it so
much that I have now taken up permanent residence there.

My neighbors, the I Forgive Myselfs and the New Starts are so very
helpful. By the way, you don't have to carry around heavy baggage
because the load is lifted from your shoulders upon arrival.

God bless you in finding this great town. If you can find it, it's in
your own heart.

Please look me up. I live on I Can Do It street.

~by Larry Harp~

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Balance

Hello, good morning, good afternoon and good evening...

I understand that there are different time zones. The human soul is just like these time zones. There is the dark part, the light part and the worst of them all...the grey part. We are all human beings and understanding this balance is the key to our existence.

There has been a common saying that has started cropping up. 'Evil is a point of view.' You must realize for writers this is a very sensible statement. I believe that it applies to our every day world. As far as I know there is no one in this world that does not believe in anything that they are doing. A terrorist believes he is righting a wrong, a soldier believes he is fighting for his country and the biggest thing to go with all this; they all pray apart from the atheist.

This should mean one small thing to everyone. There is a darkness in all of us just like there is a light in all of us. Sometimes, we must come to terms with this. It is the only way that we shall happily get along in life. In the earlier parts of this small musing, I mentioned the grey part; the sad grey part. I call it sad because no one wants to find it. a given few in the world find the balance between the darkness and light.

Baldwin, the leper of Jerusalem was one of these people. He knew that he had limited time on this earth but he did his best, much to the detriment of relations with some members of his court, he managed a fragile peace with one of the best Muslim leaders I have read about, Saladin, and if it was not for the madness that was the court of Jerusalem, I believe that that Jerusalem would have remained christian for a few more years.

Therein lies the big question. We all have the dark side willing to do anything, even consort and bed the enemy, and the light side, with all our morals and values. These two sides should be in balance. That balance is the one thing that all great people manage to grasp. Be dark but be light. Do the right thing but never be afraid to cross over to the dark side. Stand for your morals but try and understand those that go against them.

As usual, here is the small tidbit;

Time is a river,
It flows and splashes,
It never gives up its course.
Man is the small drop that flows in time,
He is hot and cold,
He moves swiftly and lazes,
He is dark and ruthless,
but can be calm and understanding.
He is the river that has a thousand faces along its course.

Just maybe, we will have peace....With those grand words I will leave you with the words of a once great marshall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem said. These words show the truth about being a grey human. 'I would rather live with a man than kill them.'

Until next time...stay true to yourself, chase your dream and let all parts of you come out; the good and bad.

Potestas tenebrarum et lucis iter. Accipio drk et lux ...

Η ισχύς είναι τόσο σκοτάδι και το φως και δεν θα ησυχάσουμε μέχρι να το έχω στην καρδιά μου του γκρι.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Translations...

The world is a scary place. Many people would say I speak the truth while a few would look on nonchalantly. Even though both kinds of people are looking at the world differently, they agree on one small fundamental fact...the world is so fucking scary that sometimes you just want to stay boxed in.

Truth is that's what the world wants you to do. It will beat you down so hard that you will only see it in the way a five year old nerdy kid sees the pompous fat seven year old in the school yard...THE BIG BULLY. You will be so afraid of the world that you will do your best to avoid living in it. How you may ask? It is simple...just avoiding it.

People must realize that to avoid living is to sit down and stop chasing your dreams. Sure you will fail sometimes but that is not the end of the road. As human beings we have that inbuilt self mechanism that keeps telling us, 'it sounded brilliant at the time.' Believe me I know this from fact. In my young writing career I have had so many of those. Sometimes the key is not saying its an utter fail, but saying it was a devastating lesson in what can hold up with the world.

The world is evolving away from the usual. It will continue to evolve and get meaner. THE BULLY that we all see it to be will pale in comparison to THE BULLY your descendants will see. That means in a few years, if you have not become too uncomfortable in the solitude of 'not living' to move on, your true essence as a person will be eroded to the core of the core. It doesn't take much for a bully to work out what he must do to get what he wants.

All he or she has to do is look you straight in the eye and laugh off your attempts at fighting back. But let me tell you, sooner or later, one of those attempts ends with the bully running off to his home; bloody nose and swollen eye in-tow. THE BULLY realizes that you have caught on. The tables will turn and he will have a grudging respect for you after that one moment of stupid courage.

In simple terms, the world does not respect you. there billions of other people out there for it to be bothered by you. You are like the small grain of sand, that is insignificant in a vast beach, to the world. It has no time for you. If you keep feeding it with half baked shit, it will spit it back in your face, shove you and kick you in the arse. Most times, people refuse to get up from that beating, but those are the weak willed with too much fear to react.

Like the Spartans say, 'accept your fear and then and only then can you face it,' so if THE BULLY does that to you, get a move on, get back up, wipe your face and get baking again. Eventually, THE BULLY will let you be. Just ask the dreamers who are living their dreams. Keep chasing your dreams. If it is the one thing you cannot spend a day without doing or thinking about...go on chase it and keep getting up and facing THE BULLY.

A dream is only a word,
the chase, the fight and the desire;
they make the word become more...

One last thing, take the rage I know that we all build up and put it into chasing our dream. It is the only thing we can do to get a hint close to telling THE BULLY 'fuck you. I am going to keep doing what I have to do to live my dream.'
Until the next time lads, lasses and children of men,
I remain who I am,
Samuel S. B. (chasing my dream to the end and staying true to myself)

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Full Potential That Never Is.....

Has it ever occured to anyone that the world is a slippery place? I doubt that. It seems that the narrow minded views of many of my peers make them believe in the bliss that is the world. Yes, sure the world can be a good place, but it can also be a pie full of dung. do not ask me why I am coming to such a conclusion. It will get you no where with an answer.

Anyway, hello to all of you wonderful visitors to my blog. I call you wonderful because, you have all stuck with my inconsistency. I know it takes a lot of time and anger to read these things but I thank you for bearing with me.

So to the point of my mad rant. I can count about a million people out here in the world that will agree with me in an instant. With a population bordering on the wrong side of 5 billion (recalling my Geography of high school), that is quite a small figure. but let us add those people we will have to get intouch with once I finish this, then the percentage shoots up.

Let me be honest with you all. The one reason more people than ants will agree with this statement is simple. They are all afraid. Personally, i do not agree with this statement. It is a basin full of hog piss. Yes, I am being rather provocative with my words, so if you are offended, I would ask you not to read on. Anyway, most people in the world are afraid. We are all afraid to chase down that dream that we have.

I will not lie that I was not afraid when I decided to get published. It was and will always be my dream to be a fantasy writer. That will never change. So when I got the chance and took it, I was literally pissing in my pants everytime someone asked me about it. I could barely hold a pen in place without making a scratchy rune out of fear. But once I got over that small block, I started to settle into what I would like to call the bliss.

Sure, I am not a bestseller, but I am getting there. I know what it feels like to sit down in front of a blank screen for hours on end. I know how it feels like to go on a diet of coffee, tea and juice for nights and days. I know how it feels to forget about everything else because you are chasing what you want. I am chasing it and I have taken the first step. The Golden gates will not be my best work but it will be my most important work. It will be the one book I will always remember because it made me get over my fear of chasing my dream.

We all have dreams. I know people that want to own ranches but will never gather the guts to try and farm a small garden. Yes you have to start somewhere. I know some people who want to be leading actors but are too afraid to try and get into a play. I know more people that are angry and sad every morning because they didnot listen to that little voice inside urging them to try and follow your dream.

But I know a few pwople that are happy. I know a lady who is happily cooking her way into business. Yes it is hard collecting payment but she is happy. I know a girl that is happy to be in the Top 5 of a singing competition. I know another who is starting a mushroom farm and is happily going to his garden every morning.

A thousand people will tell you, study...get a fucking job and you're set but there is always that one who will shake his or her head and tell you know. That person will assure you that turning your passion into your job is far more satisfying than what the thousands are telling you.

The world is littered with many examples of people turning passions into jobs which make them a lot happier...Warren B., Sean C., Bill G., Cristiano R., Leonardo M., Ramsey, Lochte R. and so many more. Who tells you you can't write because writers work on deadlines and possibilities? Who tells you, you can't sing because singers have to be overly sexual? Who tells you, you can't teach because teachers are not respected?

It is your life, your dream and your happiness...

Here is a little something for all of you to think with;

To him it is a child's voice,
To her it is the voice of passion,
To me it is my heart.
What the heart wants it seeks.
If you refuse it, and thousands do,
the sandy beaches oft turn into blazing stones in a furnace.
Listen to the voice and smile,
It will guide you on the path,
be it hard and treacherous,
it is the path to your full potential....
Follow that voice and never give in;
never give in to the whims of those that did not listen.
Do what you must and in time,
the potential that could have been,
will be the potential that is.

Until we meet again, I remain you true and simple nerd...well that is an overstatement...

Samuel S. B. 

Sunday, 24 February 2013

In the eyes of Aravoen

Hello wonderful and simple people of the world. Today I bring you the first of many (I hope that is the case) posts about my second favorite character. Well I have written many characters in this small world of ours. i remember Samuel the king of Dune at age 8, Samimiru the stealth samurai, Phillip Connor the boy wizard of wonder before I finally settled on Aravoen Elurin Ervudur. Well I might be spoiling this but what the hell.

As you have noticed I had an obsession with my name in all my heroes at a young age. I always thought that if a name did not have my name in it then it was a rather foolish thing. I never knew that I could come up with a name without meaning to. Well I was watching Lord of the Rings and yes I was in like with Aragorn to a very bad extent hence I drew my hero round this man. Yes, Aragorn influenced the birth of Aravoen and I hope none of you think it is a plagiarizing thing I did because i will vehemently defend myself.

That is why I am giving you this little tidbit about the main hero of my just published novel: The Easel Chronicles: The Golden Gates.

Aravoen is the son of two noble houses. His mother Eleonor was a scion of a noble elf house, The House of Pathamiar the sons of Teldarian, while his father was the Hidden Prince of Eduin and heir to the thrones of the half elven. The history of the royal house of Eduin is vast and hidden in histories long written and saved that it might bore you to bed but that will be for another day.

 He was a boy that became a man through the things he saw and he was one that never knew the meaning of pure joy. The times he felt he had found it, there was a sacrifice and at times sacrifice s what drives him. His heart is built to repay the sacrifices of those that die for their belief in him. he has a heart of gold but not the purest gold. The elf in him will make him a better and more astute man but the half elven part of him makes him more mortal than he is meant to be.

Aravoen will not standby and let things happen as they are not meant to happen. Although he believes in the greater good he will not allow that good to come at the expense of those that are innocent for that good.

So who is Aravoen? To me he is the good parts of me that I let the world see. He is not the darkness that is in all of us. He has a heart and knows not to impose that is just who he is. He will not beg, he will not curse but he tries to fight the darkness that is everywhere. Just look out for my book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble to make your own opinion of Aravoen.


PS: This is my own opinion of my hero....We are all entitled to view people as we wish. I will leave you with a quote from the book:

"Hope for the best and be prepared."

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


The duty of man is the bane of man. How creepy could that be. Anyway, where are my manners? Hello, Hi, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening etc. I have no clue as to what time it is anywhere in the world apart from here in my sappy room.

So it is Febuary; the ugly month of love. Well for the coupled people it is the lovely month of love. It is not that I have something against the whole notion of love and its  encompassing emotions, but I have had enough of it. I have seen enough chaos in 2012 to say the whole notion is doomed for my generation.

It might just be me but the whole world is out there. People have forgotten the true meaning of love in this day and age. Love is not in the car you drive; it is not in the clothes you wear; it is not even in the words that you say; it is not in spreading it in one day. It is in your actions. People think that showing that person you care on Valentine's day is something big but it is not. I rather show them I care for all the other days in the year but ignore that one day.

Men will go broke. They will waste money on things that are being sold exorbitantly. Roses that will wilt in a few days, bottles of wine that will be empty in a few hours and the sappy sappy gifts that will be forgotten in moments. That is what we spend on for the sake of one day where we are not appreciated. The females will blow their angry horns like wild pigs and make us regret why we spent the money in the first place.

I should ask the ladies a few questions. Well ladies of my generation...so you older and respectable ladies might relax. Do any of you know how much planning men put into that day? No. Do you even repay the men with a kind thank you or gentle smile and give him a day or two with no nagging? No. Do you even bother to see the small things he ,in this case being we the men, does the rest of the year? I doubt that.

Girls today don't notice the small things that we do for them. They never have and never will. I just hope that one day the whole world realizes that Febuary is the worst month but it can be the foundation of a better year for love. That is if we can sort ourselves out and get it in our heads that the world is better off with men not being so bothered about the damn Valentines Day.

Forgive the incohesion in my rumblings today. I have no answer for that one today. I am weirdly tired of the whole chaotic nonsense the young couples are going through today as 14th closes in.

It is not in the material things,
It is not in the things left around,
It is not a thing to be looked down on.
It is in the little things,
in the simple things,
in the smiling things and...
It is in the hearts of all men.
Just look...
Just smile...
Just wait...
and the small things will reveal it.

Friday, 4 January 2013

2013 and the past

Hello people that read this blog. I hope you had a merry festive season and are enjoying the first few days of the year; the very odd year that is 2013. Imagine a thirteenth month where it would be Friday the 13th 2013. I am sure end of the world activists would have a field day both predicting the end and coming up with excuses after the world continued. I also ask you all for forgiveness. It is not everyday that I have to be blessed with your eyes scanning through my annoying works but I am back and hoping to be a better person.

So let me start with a few things that happened towards the end of 2012. The world did not end as many had predicted. Actually, droves of people went to work and did not give a damn about the day. The world just refused to end. It seems God has a far better plan for the future and these doomsday sayers should give it a rest. Seriously, don't they get tired with looking for some serious excuse for the world not ending. Personally, if I was a mad preacher of the end day, i would be hiding under some stone. My christmas would have been spent under a stone asking for divine interference in my preaching life.

The only lucky mad people to come out this were the Mayans. They predicted the end of the world but sadly enough, they failed to be accurate. I wonder what lesson this teaches but whatever it is, it must be to not throw everything into something.

Now back to my inner rumblings. In the time I have been away from this place, I have had a number of intersting conversations. For starters the girls I talked to made me listen to their stupid conversation again. I was disgusted with the foolish banter they were sharing. I mean what the hell goes through the minds of my generation? I understand that sex is a very important part of life but like my mother says, 'Sex never gets old. It will always be there.'

I have no actual problem with those that have high libidos, I just hate the way peope hate on others that are very proud of their purity. To an extent I believe that such people are really great and better than most of the sex crazed mad people. People have all forgotten that virginity is supposed to be a gift to the future spouse. My generation is obsessed with losing it that you will find a 14 year old girl giving it out whole heartedly because it makes her look cool.

But hey, I am just rumbling and nothing against you sex starved humans. Maybe in 2013, kids shall remember the true essence of the activity. 2013 will be a great year if only we could all remember where we came from. It seems the more we evolve as humanbeings, the more the past loses meaning with us. We must understand that the past cannot be changed but it still leads us on. So don't forget where you came from and who you really are because that simple path will make you better come 2013.

So looking forward to an unforgetable year...until next time my dearies...

Where we have come from is where we are going,
The past defines what makes the inside glow.
It paints the pictures that we see in the mind.
It fashions the art we love to see endure.
The past is our key to who we are.
Forget it and believe in what you have no clue about,
Forsake it and lose touch with those that watch over you.
Never forget and the stars that bathe the sky shall watch your steps.
The spirits entwined with the stars;
the ghosts of the past are watching;
begging and clearly holding on to the last strand of the link.
Do not lose the link with who we are because they are holding on to it;
and we are not.