Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Balance

Hello, good morning, good afternoon and good evening...

I understand that there are different time zones. The human soul is just like these time zones. There is the dark part, the light part and the worst of them all...the grey part. We are all human beings and understanding this balance is the key to our existence.

There has been a common saying that has started cropping up. 'Evil is a point of view.' You must realize for writers this is a very sensible statement. I believe that it applies to our every day world. As far as I know there is no one in this world that does not believe in anything that they are doing. A terrorist believes he is righting a wrong, a soldier believes he is fighting for his country and the biggest thing to go with all this; they all pray apart from the atheist.

This should mean one small thing to everyone. There is a darkness in all of us just like there is a light in all of us. Sometimes, we must come to terms with this. It is the only way that we shall happily get along in life. In the earlier parts of this small musing, I mentioned the grey part; the sad grey part. I call it sad because no one wants to find it. a given few in the world find the balance between the darkness and light.

Baldwin, the leper of Jerusalem was one of these people. He knew that he had limited time on this earth but he did his best, much to the detriment of relations with some members of his court, he managed a fragile peace with one of the best Muslim leaders I have read about, Saladin, and if it was not for the madness that was the court of Jerusalem, I believe that that Jerusalem would have remained christian for a few more years.

Therein lies the big question. We all have the dark side willing to do anything, even consort and bed the enemy, and the light side, with all our morals and values. These two sides should be in balance. That balance is the one thing that all great people manage to grasp. Be dark but be light. Do the right thing but never be afraid to cross over to the dark side. Stand for your morals but try and understand those that go against them.

As usual, here is the small tidbit;

Time is a river,
It flows and splashes,
It never gives up its course.
Man is the small drop that flows in time,
He is hot and cold,
He moves swiftly and lazes,
He is dark and ruthless,
but can be calm and understanding.
He is the river that has a thousand faces along its course.

Just maybe, we will have peace....With those grand words I will leave you with the words of a once great marshall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem said. These words show the truth about being a grey human. 'I would rather live with a man than kill them.'

Until next time...stay true to yourself, chase your dream and let all parts of you come out; the good and bad.

Potestas tenebrarum et lucis iter. Accipio drk et lux ...

Η ισχύς είναι τόσο σκοτάδι και το φως και δεν θα ησυχάσουμε μέχρι να το έχω στην καρδιά μου του γκρι.