Thursday, 25 February 2016

A Letter to the Old Generation (Uganda Old Guard)

Human beings are an evolving creature. We always have hope for the future; a future shinning bright with all potential of possibility. In the beginning of a certain struggle it was nothing more than a scandal to stand up to the existing administration. But the struggle of our forefathers changed things and presented the rest of us, both born and unborn with a future. In their struggle through a warped political system called colonialism, they found the possibility of understanding each other and belief in a brother or sister that shares no blood tie to you, regardless of tribe.
Our ancestors embraced hope for the future the moment that they fought for independence. They saw a Uganda shinning with great potential ruled by the children of their children and not by one of them. No matter how deep the despair is, hope always rises from it. You are light and there will be a time when that light shines bright over all of us.
You see as children of this great country we were all blessed the moment we came into this world. The trouble is that fathers never say enough to their sons. Children are forced to fill in the blank spaces all on their own. But that is what makes growing up beautiful. As children we should make our own mistakes. We should take the country forward as best as we can, falling down and rising up along the way.
One man cannot sit on the throne and claim to be the greatest mind with the vision forward. Nay, I should not only blame the one king seated on the throne, I should say all the old and once young men and women of Uganda should let the children take over. Just like their fathers fought to place them in positions to take the country forward, they too have fought long and hard. The time has come to let the children of the forefathers’ children take the country forward into the new age.
It has taken centuries for mankind with constant struggles and successes for humans to say that they have evolved. The battle for independence started with a simple desire for a brighter future. A future where Ugandans had power to take the land known as the Pearl of Africa into new possibilities; a thing some people would call a god all on its own.
But this power created some problems. This power led to individuals using it as a bargaining chip to stay in power. Instead of seeing the potential in each and every one Ugandan, some saw the potential in themselves and unearthed a hunger that sits deep inside of us. This hunger led to the world becoming a smaller place where power was centred in one person with the possibility of the future envisioned by the forefathers dead.
The roles of master and servants changed. Leaders meant to use the power to bring the possibility on all Ugandans out used it to stay in power. In the end we had the likes of Milton Obote, Idi Amin and countless others who might not be in the history books who took on that power and hungered for more. It is something that I would like to call the Curse of Our Forefathers.
Steady Progress.
That is what they have touted it as. But move around this country. What is Steady Progress? In the eyes of many this is just the slow and steady decline back to the Stone Age. Yes, schools are built. Yes, roads exist. Yes, there has been security and development. But in reality these milestones are being placed on a pedestal.
They talk like they are not affected. They talk as if all Ugandans are not their people. They need to see the future for all Ugandans. They should see the light of warm desire of all Ugandans to forget the petty feuds brought about by the divisions of political ideology. The problem with this light always glowing and fading comes from the fact that as Ugandans we always sweep the possibility of our future under the rug. The few times we pull off the rug, someone with that hunger for power uses it as a reason to start a war.
However, the power that is the presidency is not meant for one man alone. That is our reality. It is not meant for one person that seeks to rule believing that others do not understand. With the world changing and ever evolving, with children being born each and every day, time comes and goes. But as it passes so does it leave behind those who had their chance.
In this time when the world changes, is it so hard for those in power and cursed with the curse of our forefathers’ hunger for power, to believe that the time has come for the reins to be handed over to the children?
The time has come for the older people to understand that as their children grow, they try with all their might. Children are not inhibited by experience. Children trust the possibility of growing up. The way their feel is not wrong. They try with all their might and have the chance to get out of the accursed hunger that dogs our fathers.
If you are reading this open your eyes and usher in the new age of our country with goodwill in your hearts. Though we have our different faiths, there is another thing we can all believe in called possibility. We need to reclaim the world that our forefathers fought for, the world we desire from the moment we understand. That is my only desire as a young man growing up in this nation, but mine is just one desire in billions of desires on this planet.
The world progresses with one tiny bit every second because a few fathers trust their dreams to someone they know, someone who is not a stranger…their children. They are that lucky. Hold on to your dreams, don’t give up and don’t become close minded. That is how dreams live on beyond fathers, and that is something that Ugandans have forgotten. The chance will come and we should not hesitate.
Do not walk the same path as our fathers that have forgotten the true ideals that their fathers entrusted to them.
You see the future that the old fathers that passed on left one belief that they had for our future. They saw the possibility in each Ugandan; themselves, their children and even us the unborn children of their children. The reality we live in now is not the future that our forefathers dreamed for us as they bled to have self-rule.
Isn’t the future supposed to be a time that is different from the present; a Uganda that is better than the Uganda we have now? As the children of those who came before us we have inherited that particular dream for the future. But we have not just inherited that dream of the future, that faith in possibility; we have inherited a responsibility. If we accept the status quo as a fixed reality we will not achieve our responsibility.
Even so, without a clear notion of how it will turn out, as a human being, a Ugandan, a young man in this ever changing world, I want to believe in the future of our country, in Ugandans and the possibilities that Ugandans possess to take over the world and make Uganda into a place where Steady Progress means progress that envelopes all of us.
So, what is your desire from the bottom of your heart for this world?