Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Translations...

The world is a scary place. Many people would say I speak the truth while a few would look on nonchalantly. Even though both kinds of people are looking at the world differently, they agree on one small fundamental fact...the world is so fucking scary that sometimes you just want to stay boxed in.

Truth is that's what the world wants you to do. It will beat you down so hard that you will only see it in the way a five year old nerdy kid sees the pompous fat seven year old in the school yard...THE BIG BULLY. You will be so afraid of the world that you will do your best to avoid living in it. How you may ask? It is simple...just avoiding it.

People must realize that to avoid living is to sit down and stop chasing your dreams. Sure you will fail sometimes but that is not the end of the road. As human beings we have that inbuilt self mechanism that keeps telling us, 'it sounded brilliant at the time.' Believe me I know this from fact. In my young writing career I have had so many of those. Sometimes the key is not saying its an utter fail, but saying it was a devastating lesson in what can hold up with the world.

The world is evolving away from the usual. It will continue to evolve and get meaner. THE BULLY that we all see it to be will pale in comparison to THE BULLY your descendants will see. That means in a few years, if you have not become too uncomfortable in the solitude of 'not living' to move on, your true essence as a person will be eroded to the core of the core. It doesn't take much for a bully to work out what he must do to get what he wants.

All he or she has to do is look you straight in the eye and laugh off your attempts at fighting back. But let me tell you, sooner or later, one of those attempts ends with the bully running off to his home; bloody nose and swollen eye in-tow. THE BULLY realizes that you have caught on. The tables will turn and he will have a grudging respect for you after that one moment of stupid courage.

In simple terms, the world does not respect you. there billions of other people out there for it to be bothered by you. You are like the small grain of sand, that is insignificant in a vast beach, to the world. It has no time for you. If you keep feeding it with half baked shit, it will spit it back in your face, shove you and kick you in the arse. Most times, people refuse to get up from that beating, but those are the weak willed with too much fear to react.

Like the Spartans say, 'accept your fear and then and only then can you face it,' so if THE BULLY does that to you, get a move on, get back up, wipe your face and get baking again. Eventually, THE BULLY will let you be. Just ask the dreamers who are living their dreams. Keep chasing your dreams. If it is the one thing you cannot spend a day without doing or thinking about...go on chase it and keep getting up and facing THE BULLY.

A dream is only a word,
the chase, the fight and the desire;
they make the word become more...

One last thing, take the rage I know that we all build up and put it into chasing our dream. It is the only thing we can do to get a hint close to telling THE BULLY 'fuck you. I am going to keep doing what I have to do to live my dream.'
Until the next time lads, lasses and children of men,
I remain who I am,
Samuel S. B. (chasing my dream to the end and staying true to myself)