Friday, 19 September 2014

The Shout for Seperation

Yesterday they voted. Today they decided. I woke up today with a slight feeling of trepidation that United Kingdom will not be United Kingdom anymore. It is safe to say I was wrong. I was worried that the first minister, Alex Salmond had done the unthinkable, caused a separation of the old, tried and tested sense of family. But I am glad I was wrong. I am among those people (banks, politicians, international business and the 'silent majority') that are beyond glad that this debacle is behind us. (For now, I know that this is far from over)

You might be wondering what an African, one in a dusty city such as Kampala is doing thinking about an election that happened all the way across two continents and a sea. But let me tell you I have always had a keen eye for certain things. Some people call me a bloody observant and ugly little shit for knowing certain things. Mind you, I am the first to admit when I do not know something (as long as it is not frightening).

Anyhow, back to the matter at hand, Scotland voting. I am glad they vted no. Not because it affects me, but because like Gordon Brown said, there is no turning back. You see the United Kingdom is like a house full of kids. You have England, the snobbish over-the-top and over bearing eldest sibling that wants everything nice and clean. Then you have Wales, the second born child that is slightly envious of child one and eager to show him up in whatever event. And of course there is Scotland, the rebel in the group. he wants things his way and hungers for all the attention in the world. The last child is the silent child, the youngest darling of the lot, who is treasured but not treasured, Northern Ireland.

You see the beauty about family in all cases, is that family will annoy you, pester you, freak you out and at one point or another remove those walls of self righteousness that you have erected (Hello England before yesterday's vote) Family has the ability to arouse your deepest passions and desires to the world (cue in the Scots) In some instances, family has a way of shutting you up and drowning your voice among the gnarling crowd of demands (Raise your hand little child, Northern Ireland) and in some cases, usually the most, family has the ability to force you into fierce competition (Wales, always out for English blood)

But one thing remains, family bonds despite all the hardships and bad news, is unbreakable. Even when you are at odds and vow never to talk to one another, you will sit down on the table and talk like a bunch of uncaring fools.