Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Hello world, some might say that I have taken the longest time possible to come and share my thoughts about the world with you, and for that, I do apologise with the sincerest heart that I can muster.
Anyway, I have put a lot of thought into this one…today I am talking about jealousy…and not jealousy in the one form everyone associates to it. I am talking about the broad picture that is jealousy. The one that makes you hate someone without knowing it, or even detest someone for the sole reason of his or her existence.
What is jealousy?
Should I use the dictionary…I don’t know. However, according to the dictionary, jealousy is a word that typically refers to the thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, concern, anxiety over an anticipated loss or status of something of great personal value. In short jealousy is that feeling you get when you do not want to lose something or in ‘most cases’ someone.
Anyhow, I was in a conversation with someone about this particular feeling, and believe me, we somehow do not agree on the whole principle of jealousy. Yes, cast your stones and get out your pitchforks, but after you reach the end of this particular post. This person strongly believes that whereas jealousy is good, it does more harm than good (writing this statement reminds me of my literature examination papers in high school)
Back to the topic at hand. Yes, jealousy is bad. I mean any human being out there has experienced it. You are not a bloody robot so there is no way that you who is reading this has not experienced it. Jealousy makes you a mean person. It makes you over protective and we all know what happens to things that are over protected…in most cases they are the biggest disappointments any man, woman or child will ever see.
On a whole, I think jealousy is good. In all its dark and furious glory, jealousy helps to build that which you hold close. Let me look at it from the most obvious angle…relationships (left, right and centre), both emotional and intimate, as well as platonic ones. Think about it. You would not cultivate what you have in any form. I mean as a woman or man, you would not treat your partner as special if you did not get jealous. You would not make your friend feel like you’re the only real friend in the world if you were not jealous.
The biggest thing that I can say is that it would not really lead you to greater heights if you did not get jealous. Some people make it in this world because they are jealous of some Mary, Jane, Alice, Tom, Dick or Harry. Look at Cristiano Ronaldo the world soccer star, although he will deny it. He is jealous of Messi and to be frank the reverse is true. The result of their jealousy, is some out of this world consistency from both men in the world of soccer.
Look at Apple and Samsung.
Look at Russia and USA
Look at Play Station and X Box
Look at your relationship (if you are in a committed and happy one)
Look at religions (this might get me in trouble but think about it)
All of them in some form or another are cultivated by jealousy. Jealousy is a bad thing, but if you are reading this, trust me, jealousy is one of the necessary evils of this world. Whatever you want to believe, if you are a human being, there is no denying that you have felt that pang in your soul. Whether it is towards a loved one, business partner or even just the stranger on the road, you have felt it.
So, think about it my friends, Think about being jealous and do not be discouraged by its fear. Use its fear to fire you because jealousy leads to anger and anger is one of the things I know that burns the brightest when making a man or woman achieve greatness. But my anger rant will be for another day.
Until the next time, my friends, I will always remain the dream chasing nerd…
Most people see me as evil,
Others think I am the worst,
But few understand,
I mean no harm,
I mean no trouble,
In my own way, I am here to help,
Not to make you weak,
But to make you fight for what you hold dear…
Do not look at me as bad if you want to remain sane,
Because many have turned to darkness, just by being in my presence,
For I am what we all are and what we all do not want to be…