Sunday, 15 May 2016

A Letter to the Divided

No matter how pretty a flower blooms again and again, there are stupid and selfish people in this world that wish to blow it away again.
I can tell you about the sorrow of each era. It has men and women that desire nothing more than to line their fancy pockets with wealth and power, leaving behind those that do not have anything to live for, with absolutely nothing to live for. Many of you will close your eyes and say that you do not see that sorrow, but stop lying to yourselves. That sorrow is all around us.
They claim that the aim is equality…equality for whom? All I can see is a widening gap. The rich get rich and the poor get poorer. Without knowing passion you decided that there is no getting hurt as long as you are blind to the ways of the world today. You decide to look at the world as simply…a foregone conclusion.
That is what drives people mad I tell you. It makes them unable to remember the gentle sea or the cool fresh breeze on the interlocking hills of their hometown when they were younger. Don’t you hear the voices of our forefather passed on in the wind? Don’t you hear them crying in pain at what has happened to the world? I know that I can hear their sadness. This is not the world they saw for their descendants.
They want you to take back the sorrow in the world today. They want you to stop ignoring what is all around you and look at the world with clear eyes and do your best to fight. If that sorrow is lost, so will the hopes of millions of voices for the future. Sorrow is just a moment that will never repeat itself, but it is a moment that can lead to greater things in tomorrow’s world.
Just look at the waves on the lakes, seas, rivers, streams and oceans. They truly depict sorrow. The wave rises and rushes forward but soon subsides into something gentle that has so much power to annihilate. It soon disappears into calmness in the distance and forms a greater part of the hopes of tomorrow’s wave somewhere.
Even though there is a future none of us really knows exists, we cannot let the gaps furthering the divides between people grow. Until you take back the sorrow the rich forget in their money and poor forget in their longing, the gap between the two will only grow wider and cause sorrow beyond anything else in this world.
If you are not careful there will come a time when these people meet and hold hands. It will be seen as a symbolic gesture of false unity. The fact is that in truth it will simply be a show of aggression with smiles that do not touch the other’s eyes.
In that one handshake, there will be nothing else besides hatred and coldness. Their cold hearts will be shattered into a thousand pieces by the freezing moonlight they each stare out as the gap between them increases. In the end they will both embrace the darkness and hate each other, and in the words of Master Yoda this hate will lead to universal suffering. That will lead to more death if you are not careful. Wars begin because of such things. One man does not want to be poor again and the other does not wish to be poor, hence they will fight and tear this world apart.
These kinds of war will not end because everyone will keep fighting for their personal beliefs.
But believe me, trying to fight for what you believe in, fighting for someone you love and care for is not bad and in the end you end up doing the right thing all through. It is not foolish or mistaken. You cannot blame both men for fighting their war because it is inevitable as long as the world is this way with two extremes that seem to be getting worse.
And yes, I might not understand the world, but I think it is possible to change this world because there is someone out there that is precious to you. You can even love the world and seek to narrow that gap so that the same hatred that plagues us does not plague them. I am sure it is the same for every one and that is why in such wars you will find every one trying so hard to ensure things do not get bad.
The reasons for fighting are all wrong and should change in earnest so that people fight to narrow the gaps between them and prevent future wars. But the selfish people that all fight for the wrong reasons to keep the gap in place and make it widen it so that the endless cycle of inequality dogs mankind forever. These people think and act in the wrong way with noble intentions meant to benefit only themselves and not the rest of the world.
It is even scary when we close our minds. That is it because the only thing that we will see is an end and not care about what happens in the middle there. The powerlessness of one side against the other always leads to conflicts of closed minds.
However, power is whatever one makes of it. Soldiers and ministers are simply tools in war but above and beyond that they forget one thing that they are still just individuals fighting from two sides of a particular coin. Poverty and wealth the widening divide of today’s society has created one question whenever soldiers of the two points of view clash, what are we fighting against and how are we supposed to do it?
But I believe that a day will come when all sides can work together side by side to narrow the gap, but that day might come when it is too late and all that we hold dear in this world is lost. Because the truth is there is a need to look at what we can do and what we need to do all mixed in what we want to do, but we must decide basing on our hearts with the aim of narrowing the divide that is ever growing.