Saturday, 24 November 2012

Evolution of Old

Hello out there. It is nice of you all to join me once more in the madness that is my rumbling. I can clearly and boldly sy that of late I have been having awkward conversations with my peers. These saddneing conversations have led me to believe that the worl is evolving...evolving into something that is beyond the true and proper old fashioned beliefs.

So, I had this conversation with two particular girls. I will call them K1 and K2. They both agreed on one small thing. They don't believe in the notions of saving one self that person who might put a ring on it. You must have seen my face to know the true dismay and anger that rushed through my blood when I sat in on this discussion. According to them having experience is a lot better than bundling forward and just getting it right with that one person.

K1 and K2 think that people that have not done the deed before the age of 17 are frankly put fools. I know that to many out there, this is a touchy subject and I will not judge. Who am I to judge? I am not God and I will not briing God(whichever God you follow) into this. I will only give my input on the matter.

I am beginning to wonder what the hell is happening to the world. I know for a fact that saving yourself is rather good. There is a blind innocence that comes to you, a sweet belief in a gift you will give and above all there is a lack of guilt. I am not saying it is a bad thing to act on your hormones but that is the main problem of today's generation.

Maybe our old people have given us too much freedom, maybe the world has evolved away from what is important...truly I don't have a clue. I don't know when it became such a bad thing to say 'I will do it with my husband/wife'? I have no clue but I think the old needs to reaffirm itself in our morals. All it takes is a look at the marriages of the people in the world. The desires and needs that we are no longer able to control because of evolution are making what was once sacred, dirty and unjust.

The evolution of the world is wasting away at the truth that is the world and making it seem worse than it actually is meant to be. I understand that to some people sex is a rather better way of doing than it is to hold true to that person that fate/destiny/God has placed out there for you. I will not complain with anyone that doesn't agree with me but I will ask you one simple question...What gift are you really giving to your other?

I might have not told K1 and K2 my entire thoughts on the matter but if ever they so happen to chance on this, I hope you two knock some sense into your heads.

Until we meet again, I hope you have all enjoyed my rumblings,
Samuel S.B.

What is old is golden,
don't forget what it means.
Show your truth to that which evolves;
by holding true to that which is golden.
In time the truth of change shall come.
It shall bring forth the peace we so much desire,
for it is golden and more than anything in the world.
Evolve but never forget what is golden.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Old Fashioned Letters

Hello dear readers...

Once more, my less than brilliant mind is trying to unravel the awesome workings of the world. I know most of you are going to say, hey we're in the 21st century, get with the times but I guess I am tired.

I am a little old fashioned (emphasis on old fashioned). I miss the days when to talk to someone, I did not have to be friends with them on the Facebook which I left more than a year ago or following them on Twitter, for me to talk to them. Life was a lot simpler back then. It was so much easier to pick up a pen and paper and pour your heart out to the person without fear of knowing their reaction until you see them. There was no need for the constant editing and shortening of words to fit into 140 characters.

How I miss those days. Those were the good days. I did not have to waste my eyes on the bright screen or under-sized screen of my smartphone to get to talk to someone. Better yet, all I needed was a paper and my mind to tell you everything I wanted.

How much I miss those days! I miss when I just had to walk up to a person and tell them, 'Hey, care to share a cup of coffee or tea with me?' It was a lot easier. These days we have to deal with the tech craze and the social media demon. Yes, it has made life easier but it has messed up a lot of lives as well. Some old souls miss the days when computers were just that. These days it is so easy to forget that we can write.

Just take a look at the person next you's handwriting. It pretty much sucks. With a computer it is so easy to be scared but with a letter...a simple plain is easy to pour out everything. So I say...the world and its tech has really made us forget just how old fashioned we are....

The hidden past,
Simple and plain,
yet honest and calm,
what more can man ask for?

Words found hard to say,
made easy to the white wood,
only for the eye that should see
and only for me to wait.

I am old and simple,
I wish to be all that I am,
and once I find it,
I will be Old Fashioned.

Until next time folks,
Samuel S.B.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Living Things

Hello everyone. Forgive me today but I am on a musical high or rather; A Linkin Park high. How can someone like me listen to Linkin Park you might ask. The answer is quite simple. These gentlemen are simply too good to be ignored. Yes, yes, I know millions of people out there relate this kind of music to the devil but honestly I don't and I am a very staunch Catholic lad.

Anyway, over the past week I have been caught up with their latest album, Living Things. I had managed to get my hands on it some time back but kept it on the shelves for some unknown reason. So on Saturday once I got to listen to it...let's just say I have never been so blown away by a singular message in all their songs.

This is an album for all those that continue to hold on to the past. I will not lie that I am not among these people but after listening to this album I have found a way to move on and be glad that I can make a choice and move on. As I listened to this album, I slowly realised that we can't help who we trust or the choices we make, we can only learn to live with the consequences. Choices shape us and sometimes we are powerless to stop the consequences. It is safe to say they make us better people than we would ever be. Hence, I have had this album on replay to strengthen my resolve and will.

Songs like Powerless, Living Things, Lost in the Echo and Burn it Down all tell us to be brave in the end. Even when you see life is being a bitch or a problem, get over it and plant your feet firmly in the ground and look ahead. That is all you can do. There is a reason it happened to you and if you keep holding on to the past, you will never know what you can possibly ever do or why it happened. There is a reason some person stabs you iin the back and there is a reason that girl dumped you. There is a reason you were offered that mega recording deal and there is a reason your mentor chose you for some really big internship.

So to everyone out there just learn to let go of the past. Pick what you can from it and close your eyes and place your feet in the ground, spread your hands wide and fight the winds of despair and agony. In time you will find that you can move your foot forward and go on living your life.

These words are not mine but belong to the amazing band.....

You hid your skeletons when I had shown you mine,
You woke the devil that I thought you left behind,
I saw the evidence the crimson soaking through,
Ten thousand promises, ten thousand ways to lose.
And you have it all
but you were careless to let it fall,
You've held it all
and I was by your side

I am sorry I have led you all here to be bothered by my love for Linkin Park but seriously with all the Konshens and company music hitting my locale; it is about time people get to listen to music which has a bloody message. No pun intended. Don't forget that there is no greater power than will power and truth combined

Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Delights of Freedom

There are so many times that I have been bothered by the boundaries and restricitions that the world of mankind has showed me. Yes, I know that freedom s not freedom in itself. It is a simple allusion to hide to true bounds of slavery. A number of times I have wondered what I would really do if the true freedom that is not bound to slavery existed.

I think the world would not deserve such a freedom. A freedom with wings whose expanse is the size of the Everest mountains in Asia and middle-asia would be an actual curse to mankind. Although this be a true case, I still desire this freedom. I still seek out that which I don't have. what more can I say to get the worl to desire the same thing that I desire. I want to be a free soul; a soul that cares nothing fpr the allusions of society's boundaries.

There was such a time when life meant so little and freedom was within grasp. That time existed in the flower of my youth and I am sure it existed to all the men and women in the world.

The cruel reality is we have never been free from slavery. Our freedom is our slavery;

How cruel she was when she left me!
Alas! My heart turned to stone.
It craved another man's possession.
How badly I wished to claim that which I possessed.

The eagle that soared higher than the clouds,
how badly I wished to feel the soft grey feathers on the tips of my fingers.
But none of it mattered to me,
nothing mattered to my soul.

For all the cruelty she had bestowed on me,
nothing mattered; nothing moved and nothing whispered to me.
My heart that used to beat,
still holds out for the small light, to beat like flesh and turn into silver red.

Henceforth, my heart will weather,
deep into the shadowy realms of lost desire.
Flesh to stone; stone to ice
And ice to pieces

Samuel S.B.

That is how the freedom that delights my soul makes every man feel. That is how it rocks the arms that would gladly open for it.

Until the next time I bore you all, I beg forgiveness for taking your time with this little void of simplicity.

Monday, 1 October 2012

A New Beginning

Hello those of you that are looking at my seriously disgruntled and angry rantings. I know that it might seem like ages since I have posted but there is a lot that has happened of late.

For starters, those of you that believe that the world is about to come crashing down on you; stop right there. There is a bloody reason everything happens. There is a reason you have your heart shattered, lose that great job you had, lose your best friend, lose a bet and far more. It is in moments like these that we all forget to see the bright side of life.

For example; your heart was shattered for someone out there to come and find you and make you believe it can heal. They will come along and put it back piece by piece although it might take ages to finish. You seem to forget that there is someone else out there the same as you. Maybe fate and destiny want you to meet them and give them a chance, who knows? I don't.

You might get fired or simply cut from your job at some point and begin to question life but please never give up. In the long run, a better offer will come crawling down your end, your passions in life might actually get the better of you and in the end you might be happier that you lost that job you cried over a while ago.

The whole moral of this is never to question fate, Pick yourself up, man up, grow a pair (forgive the language) face whatever the world throws at you mercilessly. Move on and smile about it.

As usual here is a new chatter from my heart;

How to quench the fire that consumes me!
How to put it out?
My mind is lost,
even when I know it shall never be quenched.
I must let it consume me if I want happiness.
I will ignore the pain that tears me down,
and let it burn me.
Anew, I will rise, like a phoenix reborn,
Never to let the fire rekindle.

My eyes shall be opened,
my mind shall be calm,
and my heart shall find what was lost.
My honor, dignity and desire,
shall all consume me and make me...

I will rise like the phoenix.

Samuel S.B.

To all of you, may you never look at the darkness with fear, let it consume you and find the light to get out.

Monday, 20 August 2012

The Friendship that was

Someone once told me that people are better than what they potray. All we have to do is chip off the shell of physical parts that form their bodies. Sometimes what you find down there is something that draws you in but more often than necessary, men and women find something that will just keave them angered and pissed off.

I have a belief that some friendships are actually meant to last while others will fizzle out in time. Many people don't understand the concept of newton's laws. Action is equal to reaction. We all have that one friend we used to share everything with; the one person you couldn't just wait to tell some silly thing that you saw during the day and then POOOFFFFF like a freaking magician in New Orleans they disappear from your life. They find their way and path that never included an old friend.

You will feel alone and angry. You will know the feeling that the ladies of the night get when they are sent away. You were used and tossed aside like some sort of female sanitary product. You might begin to wonder whether you are the problem and that is the common problem for most people.

You must realize that you are not everything that your demons are telling you. In life there will always be people that will accept you who you are. There is no other way too build yourself up than to ignore those people that use you and dump you on the wayside like a piece of toilet paper. Just let the people be and move on with your life and always keep those who refuse to let you go close to you.

Yes at times there is a hard shell that will develop and only a few of the people in your life will understand it. Hence if you are to understand the title that is best learn to see and read between the lines.

My words are simple and precise in a simple prose;

That that Was

When summer winds were blown my way,
a bond so powerful and graceful sauntered to me.
I had no clue as to why I took it in both hands,
it smelt so sweet and felt so tender,
it made my way seem like the old way.

But when the spring leaves fell from the trees,
roots were shattered and wilted.
Soil was cracked and dry,
making all that was moist turn to hardness from beyond the diamonds.

I see through the cold winter rains,
I cry for that sweet bond which is broken,
throwing myself into the newer ways of chaos.
That is when the inner embers of the fire that is my soul awaken.

They remind me,
they tease me to return to my old ways,
the ways where that which is simple is hard,
and that which is impossible simple,
forgetting that which was,
and living in that which is,
chasing and believing in myself
and not the friendship that was.

Samuel S.B.

Make your resolve certain and assure yourself never to fall into the traps of those old bonds which mean nothing.

Until we meet again fair strangers, I remain truly and utterly quiet
Samuel S.B.

The look on Jack Frost's face has a lot of meaning as to the final stanza of the poem.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


So after weeks of seeing this and that about this whole scandal, I will finally say something.

First off, the whole bubble blown around the great word called 'love' is bursting in people's faces. It happens everyday and well it creeps me out that we still do our best to throw ourselves into the most precarious of bubbles.

Ok the main thing that I am speaking about is this whole 'Twilight cuple' nonsense.

She cheated on him. Everyone gets cheated on at least once in their miserable lives and they are always the last ones to know. Please do tell me if I am wrong about this. But well no one gets publically humilated like that. I mean, you cheated on me, don't freaking go out and blurb to the world how sorry you were that you did it before warning me. Come on grow up honey, public apologies for cheating just don't cut it.

Ok, I feel for the guy but at least it is not suh a bad thing for him. I know a guy whose girlfriend cheated on him with one of his oldest friends before going on to sleep with his sister's ex boyfriend. So Mr, you had it a little bit easy. She did it with a guy you barely knew and the only thing that you have in common is you're both British.

But personally I think people should give it a rest. Let them live their lives and stuff.

But remember; Cheating is always horrible.

She beguiled it with her sweet words.
The lisp that emerged from through her lips,
sent wilder fires through the dragon's heart.
Alas! A dragon's heart is already ablaze.
The oaths it broke shall never be mended,
and all for what?
A woman that beguiled the dragon,
Pouring ice over the fires in its chest,
before thrusting a spear of betrayals theoough the scales,
shattering the once whole fire into a thousand pieces,
never to be reassembled.
But she forgets that the dragon never forgets,
and when it emerges; heartless and violent,
she will not have the favors of peace,
because the new dragon doesn't let its smile touch its eyes.
Her words turned a great good into something beyond evil.

Monday, 23 July 2012

The Knight of Flowers

I sit in the grass wondering about life at the moment. The green blades mocking me for all the little things I do  say. Who cares what you think? Go out there and do what you feel is damn right in your heart and mind.


Letting your head rule over you can be just as bad as letting your heart rule you. If you must do something find a balance between the two. Your heart usually knows what is right and your head always tells you what to do when you have to. So if your heart tells you go for it and your head telss you one step at a time, just go with the gentle ebb. It is not like it will kill you to be patient. The Romans did not build their doomed empire in one day. It took centuries of blood, gore, betrayal and hope.

That is something we all seem to have forgotten. Your heart will want it so bad and your head knows how to get but you will be impatient. I know it for a fact that if you wait and never let anything kick you down and step on your chest keeping you there, you will rise above it and get what you set out to do.

This might be confusing, but it is still the same important to me and maybe to some down-on-their-luck person reading this. I used to listen to my heart a lot more than I needed to and I let my head take control more often than wass required. However one day, I discovered a balance between the two.

My heart said what I wanted to be and where I wanted to be and my head told me how to get there. If you look at me right now, I am a lot happier than I ever was. I know how to go about chasing my dream and thanks to my big head, I know it will take a lot more than thirty seconds to get to where I want to be.

So to all who read this; find a balance, life is all about a balance.

The knight of flowers,
a man in the brightest steel,
with the sharpest of blades.
A man who sees no impossibility.

Samuel S.B.

Think of the steel as your head and the blade as your heart and you shall make sense of my poem/.

Friday, 13 July 2012


Someone once told me never to be afraid to be afraid. That person said it is easier to just go with the flow and never have a regret. I was young when they told me this but I think that statement applies to life. Just think about it. How many people actually achieved something by sucking it up and doing it.

Fear is actually something that fuels the soul. We all have dreams; big dreams. Everyone wants to do one thing or the other. We all want to get that which we have always dreamed of but never do.

The reason almost everyone never tries to get what they want is because the are afraid. I know what most of you are going to say, "Yeah we have heard this horsecrap already. What are you going to say that is new?"

I am going to say to you all, just embrace the fear. What do you have to lose if you embrace fear? The answer again is nothing. Just look at it in a simple way. If you embrace fear you'lll just do it and go ahead with it. If you are never afraid then that is really not a big dream for you.

So in simple words, embrace fear and go on ahead with it.

Again I will leave you with a poem;

Fear grips the heart.
Hate overpowers the fear.
Turning the pain into suffering,
hiding behind a grand veil of vanity.
The soul cries out for mercy,
begging to be reunited with bravery
But bravery doesn't mean lack of fear.
Alas! Alas!
I will cry for fear of being brave.
Even when I must not be brave;
I have a choice,
a choice to either run from suffering
or to fight the fear and hatred with the only weapon availed to me;
I embrace fear and brave its hollow embers to go ahead and do what I must

Samuel S.B.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Words From Surrey

Henry Howard, the Earl of Surrey once said and I quote;
'The happy life he leads, the quiet mind, be equal friend. wisdom joined with simplicity. The Knight dischared of all cares.'

Never has a man used truer words because we all seek that which we can never find. We seek the peace of mind, the summery escape of our souls; away from the dangers and vulgarities of this cruel world. We all want a place that we can call our own. In truth we all seek our own castle; A Castle of Peace. We find such a place in bits and pieces. If my memory serves me right, I found my castle once when I was just 14 years and I have never managed to find it since.

I remember the cool river falling over a beautiful rock into the valley; the plush green scenery that managed to calm me. It was quiet and peaceful. I felt connected and contented for those few minutes. I felt like there was nothing going on in the world. It was only me and my simple calm place, away from the angry eyes of earth. I felt at peace and safe.

You might wonder why I am going on about something I felt six years ago and wht cares a simple fourteen year old could have had. My answer is simple and direct. I have tried to find that place to no avail. I have needed to find that place now that I am older and still it eludes me. I wonder if I will ever find it again and feel at peace, even if it is for a few blissful minutes. I know for a act that we all seek that little castle away from the world and we all barely find it.

With that I will leave you with a poem composed by me.

Henry Howard, theEarl of Surrey once said,
'The happy life he leads, the quiet mind,
be equal friend.
Wisdom joined with simplicity.
The knight discharged of all cares.'
Never has a man used truer words;
for we all seek that which we can never find.
Only in glimpses do we see it,
but never to the full.
Show me a man with a quiet mind,
I will show you thousands that have tried invain to seek it.
For never was there a simpler thing to find;
and in its simplicity joined with impossibility.
Barbarians, Romans, Greeks,
those before us and those after us seek it,
A quiet life,
without foe, strife or bitterness,
and never shall they find it.
My friends, even the flower desires the quiet life.
A place to grow unhindered by the cruelties of mankind's imagination.
Where it will blossom and hope not to be wilted.
I agree with the deceased,
the knight discharged of all cares,
the equal friend.

Samuel S.B.

If you read this, you will wonder how it is that such can be achieved. The Buddhists believe it can be done by constant meditation, but i disagree. They might find a semblence of it but I know for a fact to achieve the quiet mind you are either glimpsing the keeper of the dead or you are in his realm.

So we are all left to toil in desire of something that we have no chance of glimpsing...