Saturday, 24 November 2012

Evolution of Old

Hello out there. It is nice of you all to join me once more in the madness that is my rumbling. I can clearly and boldly sy that of late I have been having awkward conversations with my peers. These saddneing conversations have led me to believe that the worl is evolving...evolving into something that is beyond the true and proper old fashioned beliefs.

So, I had this conversation with two particular girls. I will call them K1 and K2. They both agreed on one small thing. They don't believe in the notions of saving one self that person who might put a ring on it. You must have seen my face to know the true dismay and anger that rushed through my blood when I sat in on this discussion. According to them having experience is a lot better than bundling forward and just getting it right with that one person.

K1 and K2 think that people that have not done the deed before the age of 17 are frankly put fools. I know that to many out there, this is a touchy subject and I will not judge. Who am I to judge? I am not God and I will not briing God(whichever God you follow) into this. I will only give my input on the matter.

I am beginning to wonder what the hell is happening to the world. I know for a fact that saving yourself is rather good. There is a blind innocence that comes to you, a sweet belief in a gift you will give and above all there is a lack of guilt. I am not saying it is a bad thing to act on your hormones but that is the main problem of today's generation.

Maybe our old people have given us too much freedom, maybe the world has evolved away from what is important...truly I don't have a clue. I don't know when it became such a bad thing to say 'I will do it with my husband/wife'? I have no clue but I think the old needs to reaffirm itself in our morals. All it takes is a look at the marriages of the people in the world. The desires and needs that we are no longer able to control because of evolution are making what was once sacred, dirty and unjust.

The evolution of the world is wasting away at the truth that is the world and making it seem worse than it actually is meant to be. I understand that to some people sex is a rather better way of doing than it is to hold true to that person that fate/destiny/God has placed out there for you. I will not complain with anyone that doesn't agree with me but I will ask you one simple question...What gift are you really giving to your other?

I might have not told K1 and K2 my entire thoughts on the matter but if ever they so happen to chance on this, I hope you two knock some sense into your heads.

Until we meet again, I hope you have all enjoyed my rumblings,
Samuel S.B.

What is old is golden,
don't forget what it means.
Show your truth to that which evolves;
by holding true to that which is golden.
In time the truth of change shall come.
It shall bring forth the peace we so much desire,
for it is golden and more than anything in the world.
Evolve but never forget what is golden.