Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Old Fashioned Letters

Hello dear readers...

Once more, my less than brilliant mind is trying to unravel the awesome workings of the world. I know most of you are going to say, hey we're in the 21st century, get with the times but I guess I am tired.

I am a little old fashioned (emphasis on old fashioned). I miss the days when to talk to someone, I did not have to be friends with them on the Facebook which I left more than a year ago or following them on Twitter, for me to talk to them. Life was a lot simpler back then. It was so much easier to pick up a pen and paper and pour your heart out to the person without fear of knowing their reaction until you see them. There was no need for the constant editing and shortening of words to fit into 140 characters.

How I miss those days. Those were the good days. I did not have to waste my eyes on the bright screen or under-sized screen of my smartphone to get to talk to someone. Better yet, all I needed was a paper and my mind to tell you everything I wanted.

How much I miss those days! I miss when I just had to walk up to a person and tell them, 'Hey, care to share a cup of coffee or tea with me?' It was a lot easier. These days we have to deal with the tech craze and the social media demon. Yes, it has made life easier but it has messed up a lot of lives as well. Some old souls miss the days when computers were just that. These days it is so easy to forget that we can write.

Just take a look at the person next you's handwriting. It pretty much sucks. With a computer it is so easy to be scared but with a letter...a simple plain is easy to pour out everything. So I say...the world and its tech has really made us forget just how old fashioned we are....

The hidden past,
Simple and plain,
yet honest and calm,
what more can man ask for?

Words found hard to say,
made easy to the white wood,
only for the eye that should see
and only for me to wait.

I am old and simple,
I wish to be all that I am,
and once I find it,
I will be Old Fashioned.

Until next time folks,
Samuel S.B.