Monday, 23 July 2012

The Knight of Flowers

I sit in the grass wondering about life at the moment. The green blades mocking me for all the little things I do  say. Who cares what you think? Go out there and do what you feel is damn right in your heart and mind.


Letting your head rule over you can be just as bad as letting your heart rule you. If you must do something find a balance between the two. Your heart usually knows what is right and your head always tells you what to do when you have to. So if your heart tells you go for it and your head telss you one step at a time, just go with the gentle ebb. It is not like it will kill you to be patient. The Romans did not build their doomed empire in one day. It took centuries of blood, gore, betrayal and hope.

That is something we all seem to have forgotten. Your heart will want it so bad and your head knows how to get but you will be impatient. I know it for a fact that if you wait and never let anything kick you down and step on your chest keeping you there, you will rise above it and get what you set out to do.

This might be confusing, but it is still the same important to me and maybe to some down-on-their-luck person reading this. I used to listen to my heart a lot more than I needed to and I let my head take control more often than wass required. However one day, I discovered a balance between the two.

My heart said what I wanted to be and where I wanted to be and my head told me how to get there. If you look at me right now, I am a lot happier than I ever was. I know how to go about chasing my dream and thanks to my big head, I know it will take a lot more than thirty seconds to get to where I want to be.

So to all who read this; find a balance, life is all about a balance.

The knight of flowers,
a man in the brightest steel,
with the sharpest of blades.
A man who sees no impossibility.

Samuel S.B.

Think of the steel as your head and the blade as your heart and you shall make sense of my poem/.