Friday, 13 July 2012


Someone once told me never to be afraid to be afraid. That person said it is easier to just go with the flow and never have a regret. I was young when they told me this but I think that statement applies to life. Just think about it. How many people actually achieved something by sucking it up and doing it.

Fear is actually something that fuels the soul. We all have dreams; big dreams. Everyone wants to do one thing or the other. We all want to get that which we have always dreamed of but never do.

The reason almost everyone never tries to get what they want is because the are afraid. I know what most of you are going to say, "Yeah we have heard this horsecrap already. What are you going to say that is new?"

I am going to say to you all, just embrace the fear. What do you have to lose if you embrace fear? The answer again is nothing. Just look at it in a simple way. If you embrace fear you'lll just do it and go ahead with it. If you are never afraid then that is really not a big dream for you.

So in simple words, embrace fear and go on ahead with it.

Again I will leave you with a poem;

Fear grips the heart.
Hate overpowers the fear.
Turning the pain into suffering,
hiding behind a grand veil of vanity.
The soul cries out for mercy,
begging to be reunited with bravery
But bravery doesn't mean lack of fear.
Alas! Alas!
I will cry for fear of being brave.
Even when I must not be brave;
I have a choice,
a choice to either run from suffering
or to fight the fear and hatred with the only weapon availed to me;
I embrace fear and brave its hollow embers to go ahead and do what I must

Samuel S.B.