Wednesday, 1 August 2012


So after weeks of seeing this and that about this whole scandal, I will finally say something.

First off, the whole bubble blown around the great word called 'love' is bursting in people's faces. It happens everyday and well it creeps me out that we still do our best to throw ourselves into the most precarious of bubbles.

Ok the main thing that I am speaking about is this whole 'Twilight cuple' nonsense.

She cheated on him. Everyone gets cheated on at least once in their miserable lives and they are always the last ones to know. Please do tell me if I am wrong about this. But well no one gets publically humilated like that. I mean, you cheated on me, don't freaking go out and blurb to the world how sorry you were that you did it before warning me. Come on grow up honey, public apologies for cheating just don't cut it.

Ok, I feel for the guy but at least it is not suh a bad thing for him. I know a guy whose girlfriend cheated on him with one of his oldest friends before going on to sleep with his sister's ex boyfriend. So Mr, you had it a little bit easy. She did it with a guy you barely knew and the only thing that you have in common is you're both British.

But personally I think people should give it a rest. Let them live their lives and stuff.

But remember; Cheating is always horrible.

She beguiled it with her sweet words.
The lisp that emerged from through her lips,
sent wilder fires through the dragon's heart.
Alas! A dragon's heart is already ablaze.
The oaths it broke shall never be mended,
and all for what?
A woman that beguiled the dragon,
Pouring ice over the fires in its chest,
before thrusting a spear of betrayals theoough the scales,
shattering the once whole fire into a thousand pieces,
never to be reassembled.
But she forgets that the dragon never forgets,
and when it emerges; heartless and violent,
she will not have the favors of peace,
because the new dragon doesn't let its smile touch its eyes.
Her words turned a great good into something beyond evil.