Monday, 20 August 2012

The Friendship that was

Someone once told me that people are better than what they potray. All we have to do is chip off the shell of physical parts that form their bodies. Sometimes what you find down there is something that draws you in but more often than necessary, men and women find something that will just keave them angered and pissed off.

I have a belief that some friendships are actually meant to last while others will fizzle out in time. Many people don't understand the concept of newton's laws. Action is equal to reaction. We all have that one friend we used to share everything with; the one person you couldn't just wait to tell some silly thing that you saw during the day and then POOOFFFFF like a freaking magician in New Orleans they disappear from your life. They find their way and path that never included an old friend.

You will feel alone and angry. You will know the feeling that the ladies of the night get when they are sent away. You were used and tossed aside like some sort of female sanitary product. You might begin to wonder whether you are the problem and that is the common problem for most people.

You must realize that you are not everything that your demons are telling you. In life there will always be people that will accept you who you are. There is no other way too build yourself up than to ignore those people that use you and dump you on the wayside like a piece of toilet paper. Just let the people be and move on with your life and always keep those who refuse to let you go close to you.

Yes at times there is a hard shell that will develop and only a few of the people in your life will understand it. Hence if you are to understand the title that is best learn to see and read between the lines.

My words are simple and precise in a simple prose;

That that Was

When summer winds were blown my way,
a bond so powerful and graceful sauntered to me.
I had no clue as to why I took it in both hands,
it smelt so sweet and felt so tender,
it made my way seem like the old way.

But when the spring leaves fell from the trees,
roots were shattered and wilted.
Soil was cracked and dry,
making all that was moist turn to hardness from beyond the diamonds.

I see through the cold winter rains,
I cry for that sweet bond which is broken,
throwing myself into the newer ways of chaos.
That is when the inner embers of the fire that is my soul awaken.

They remind me,
they tease me to return to my old ways,
the ways where that which is simple is hard,
and that which is impossible simple,
forgetting that which was,
and living in that which is,
chasing and believing in myself
and not the friendship that was.

Samuel S.B.

Make your resolve certain and assure yourself never to fall into the traps of those old bonds which mean nothing.

Until we meet again fair strangers, I remain truly and utterly quiet
Samuel S.B.

The look on Jack Frost's face has a lot of meaning as to the final stanza of the poem.