Monday, 1 October 2012

A New Beginning

Hello those of you that are looking at my seriously disgruntled and angry rantings. I know that it might seem like ages since I have posted but there is a lot that has happened of late.

For starters, those of you that believe that the world is about to come crashing down on you; stop right there. There is a bloody reason everything happens. There is a reason you have your heart shattered, lose that great job you had, lose your best friend, lose a bet and far more. It is in moments like these that we all forget to see the bright side of life.

For example; your heart was shattered for someone out there to come and find you and make you believe it can heal. They will come along and put it back piece by piece although it might take ages to finish. You seem to forget that there is someone else out there the same as you. Maybe fate and destiny want you to meet them and give them a chance, who knows? I don't.

You might get fired or simply cut from your job at some point and begin to question life but please never give up. In the long run, a better offer will come crawling down your end, your passions in life might actually get the better of you and in the end you might be happier that you lost that job you cried over a while ago.

The whole moral of this is never to question fate, Pick yourself up, man up, grow a pair (forgive the language) face whatever the world throws at you mercilessly. Move on and smile about it.

As usual here is a new chatter from my heart;

How to quench the fire that consumes me!
How to put it out?
My mind is lost,
even when I know it shall never be quenched.
I must let it consume me if I want happiness.
I will ignore the pain that tears me down,
and let it burn me.
Anew, I will rise, like a phoenix reborn,
Never to let the fire rekindle.

My eyes shall be opened,
my mind shall be calm,
and my heart shall find what was lost.
My honor, dignity and desire,
shall all consume me and make me...

I will rise like the phoenix.

Samuel S.B.

To all of you, may you never look at the darkness with fear, let it consume you and find the light to get out.