Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Delights of Freedom

There are so many times that I have been bothered by the boundaries and restricitions that the world of mankind has showed me. Yes, I know that freedom s not freedom in itself. It is a simple allusion to hide to true bounds of slavery. A number of times I have wondered what I would really do if the true freedom that is not bound to slavery existed.

I think the world would not deserve such a freedom. A freedom with wings whose expanse is the size of the Everest mountains in Asia and middle-asia would be an actual curse to mankind. Although this be a true case, I still desire this freedom. I still seek out that which I don't have. what more can I say to get the worl to desire the same thing that I desire. I want to be a free soul; a soul that cares nothing fpr the allusions of society's boundaries.

There was such a time when life meant so little and freedom was within grasp. That time existed in the flower of my youth and I am sure it existed to all the men and women in the world.

The cruel reality is we have never been free from slavery. Our freedom is our slavery;

How cruel she was when she left me!
Alas! My heart turned to stone.
It craved another man's possession.
How badly I wished to claim that which I possessed.

The eagle that soared higher than the clouds,
how badly I wished to feel the soft grey feathers on the tips of my fingers.
But none of it mattered to me,
nothing mattered to my soul.

For all the cruelty she had bestowed on me,
nothing mattered; nothing moved and nothing whispered to me.
My heart that used to beat,
still holds out for the small light, to beat like flesh and turn into silver red.

Henceforth, my heart will weather,
deep into the shadowy realms of lost desire.
Flesh to stone; stone to ice
And ice to pieces

Samuel S.B.

That is how the freedom that delights my soul makes every man feel. That is how it rocks the arms that would gladly open for it.

Until the next time I bore you all, I beg forgiveness for taking your time with this little void of simplicity.