Sunday, 24 February 2013

In the eyes of Aravoen

Hello wonderful and simple people of the world. Today I bring you the first of many (I hope that is the case) posts about my second favorite character. Well I have written many characters in this small world of ours. i remember Samuel the king of Dune at age 8, Samimiru the stealth samurai, Phillip Connor the boy wizard of wonder before I finally settled on Aravoen Elurin Ervudur. Well I might be spoiling this but what the hell.

As you have noticed I had an obsession with my name in all my heroes at a young age. I always thought that if a name did not have my name in it then it was a rather foolish thing. I never knew that I could come up with a name without meaning to. Well I was watching Lord of the Rings and yes I was in like with Aragorn to a very bad extent hence I drew my hero round this man. Yes, Aragorn influenced the birth of Aravoen and I hope none of you think it is a plagiarizing thing I did because i will vehemently defend myself.

That is why I am giving you this little tidbit about the main hero of my just published novel: The Easel Chronicles: The Golden Gates.

Aravoen is the son of two noble houses. His mother Eleonor was a scion of a noble elf house, The House of Pathamiar the sons of Teldarian, while his father was the Hidden Prince of Eduin and heir to the thrones of the half elven. The history of the royal house of Eduin is vast and hidden in histories long written and saved that it might bore you to bed but that will be for another day.

 He was a boy that became a man through the things he saw and he was one that never knew the meaning of pure joy. The times he felt he had found it, there was a sacrifice and at times sacrifice s what drives him. His heart is built to repay the sacrifices of those that die for their belief in him. he has a heart of gold but not the purest gold. The elf in him will make him a better and more astute man but the half elven part of him makes him more mortal than he is meant to be.

Aravoen will not standby and let things happen as they are not meant to happen. Although he believes in the greater good he will not allow that good to come at the expense of those that are innocent for that good.

So who is Aravoen? To me he is the good parts of me that I let the world see. He is not the darkness that is in all of us. He has a heart and knows not to impose that is just who he is. He will not beg, he will not curse but he tries to fight the darkness that is everywhere. Just look out for my book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble to make your own opinion of Aravoen.

PS: This is my own opinion of my hero....We are all entitled to view people as we wish. I will leave you with a quote from the book:

"Hope for the best and be prepared."