Monday, 27 April 2015

Je suis

Hello world.
What kind of world are we living in? I mean I have talked about it before, the whole racism issue, but it seems I have to once again address it. Why? You might think retreating back to an old subject is more or less dull and boring, but infringing on the rights of others due to their skin colour is not as boring as it may at first appear.  And just so you know, I am not actually taking one side or the next in the name of this racism row. It has nothing to do with the white man on black man or vice versa usual nonsense, mine is going up against my brother in Southern Africa, the “Rainbow” nation as they often like to call themselves
Before I get into them, let me start off by putting my hat off to Charlie Hebdo. Well done my friends of French satire. Death is an intriguing subject. But even family reunions of Africans under the sea as they try to find a better life is more fun to see. I mean maybe, I should get someone to do an Al Pacino caricature of your offices. Let us not forget that you were the victims of a hate attack and there you were on your high horses believing you are heads and shoulders above the rest.
Je suis Charlie…forgive my French your arrogant prissy mad men that make fun of death and the fact that African perished in the seas as they tried to come and enjoy the things you ever so gladly flaunt in our faces as awesome beyond awesome.
Away from that…my brothers in South Africa, brothers and sisters, who knows, I mean really. What are you thinking? Just because some man says all these people must go does not mean that you pick up cardboards and clubs to force him out. That is mistaking some important person’s statements to fuel your own personal drive and anger. What cause do you have to beat up fellow Africans? What right do you have to force us out of your country?
None…I tell you none.
It is your home. They are your jobs and best case scenario you must fill those vacancies. But let us be honest. Your youth sit on their arses many a day waiting for the next lucky break instead of working towards it (and honestly that is a problem on the entire continent); you’re more interested in placing the “bazungu” at another level. I thought they too were foreigners, but we did not see any of them getting caned or kicked on the head.
Then again, you are the most forgetful nation in this world. When the yoke of apartheid filled your nation, who cried with you? When the white men you still pay too much respect if you ask me, beat the shit out of you, who took you in and cleaned your wounds? It was Africa. It was all of us that you want out of your country.
Xenophobia looks good for you now that you think we want your nation. No. We have our own motherlands. We just want to explore and since South Africa is part of this continent why not start from there? Why go to places like Europe where we shall be Charlie Hebdo’d for trying to explore, albeit illegally…but oh well, what can I say but job well done. You have made many fellow Africans weary of your hospitality.
By the time comments like, “we should kill those sobs too,” came out…you know what I mean.
But unlike you South Africa we shall kill others because of race. We are one world, with one love and so many colours; even the South African colour of violence and hatred.
Until next time, Je suis Charlie and South Africa,
I remain your dream chasing nerd…