Wednesday, 30 March 2016

A Letter to the Dictators

They say that a scholar’s name will be remembered for a few years after his passing, but a warrior shall forever be remembered. If you look at it from all sides, it can only seem to be seen as praise because the warrior took it upon himself to free and defend the weak and oppressed. The scholar chose to tell all the people in the world something that they did not know. But in all honesty it is a curse.
Because the warrior was once a significant nobody. The ones who ruled saw no reason to get rid of this warrior. But that is the false confidence of the rulers. They dim those insignificant at the moment little more than cockroaches. But experience turns a cockroach into an animal. This animal can become something else and in turn it too become an overzealous and confident being worth killing, and that is when the ruler decides to strike…but alas it is too late, because the ruler created the very monster that will destroy him in the name of freedom and justice.
You see once seated at the top, the warrior fails to see that true skill is in fact not a blazing flame. A predictable attack has the most predictable outcome. That is how he views the cockroach until the insect becomes one that can oppose him and make him quiver in his breeches.
In the start of his or her journey, the warrior fights for code, duty, honour and freedom before the stupor of power removes all sense of right from the warrior. That is when the warrior will fall from the top to the very bottom until another warrior takes up the sword against him to free the weak and defenceless.
The way that the world was, men and women were forced to fight as children for all their ideals, until eventually they could live as nothing else. Even with a desire to seek peace and understanding with every soul, those that are warriors always use force to eliminate the evil that is in the world. Warriors are burdened with sin, covered in scars and yet they continue to fight for their ideals removing those that are oppressing the weak.
Their way is extremely sad and it eventually leads them down a dark path often filled with blood and tears. In this world full of contradictions the sins of taking life never changes, but to change all that a meaning must be found.
Just look at our history. It is full of these warriors. If I start to mention them, I might end up in trouble, but the mist obvious examples are Milton Obote and Idi Amin. They were warriors on a righteous path, men with a vision, their sword was the will of the weak and their shield was their sense of duty, code, honour, freedom and justice. They all start out loved and adored before the seat of power corrupts them.
They start out with good intentions; intentions that kindness is extended to everyone. But those intentions turn into decrees. The warriors force those intentions down the throats of those who would aid them in governing, which is no different from an evil act. They abandon all that they love giving self-serving excuses to make themselves feel a lot better about themselves.
They lose sight of what they really wanted. The desire to see a beautiful tomorrow is what matters in the beginning but in the end, they desire to keep the world in today, refusing to face reality and abandoning the rest of the world to its dirty fate. They do not choose reality and the forward march of time thinking that they have the only truth. You see the line between good and evil is almost as thin as the line between love and hate if not thinner. That is why good intentions of a warrior can so easily turn into evil intentions.
And that is why warriors must give way to the scholars. You see my friend, with warriors at the heart and top of power, mankind cannot move forward into the future. Warriors are afraid of change because they believe that the world is in an endless cycle and in truth it is, because men gather to exchange shows of force instead of ideas. Mankind is yearning for that future that the warriors so boldly sit on.
Men everywhere want to see a bright new dawn. They want to see the world change. We will always be grateful to the warriors because they had the energy to destroy an old system that kept bringing out the worst in themselves. They destroy the world and create a falsehood that is the new world only for it to turn back into the same old world they fought against.
In turn they are demonized and all sorts of hateful and evil things are blamed on the warriors, and that is simply because men prefer to blame their sadness on a person instead of the world created by that person.
But until the warriors understand that they should lay down their arms and embrace the future, the world will never be free of the past, never able to move forward into the uncharted waters of the future full of possibility. True those of world who cannot pick up the warrior’s sword, will never understand the true problems of the world. But we will have to figure out those problems by ourselves in a changed world with fewer warriors in power.
Even so we will find a way to make the world a place where no one has to pick the warrior’s way. I believe that the true way of a warrior is fighting your fight and letting. The warrior’s final battle is one with one’s self, one in which the warrior has to find a way of sharing their happiness however small it might be with others, and expanding those particular feelings is what will lead us to true freedom and justice.
As a true person desiring peace you have to know that you must think of the rest of the world. No one knows what is going to happen to the world. Not the warrior, not the scholar, not the weak or strong…no one, but each and every one in the world must be able to make their own choices