Thursday, 3 March 2016

A Letter to The Differing Views

The future looks bleak for some of us. I am only twenty four years and I see nothing new coming out of Uganda, but still…I can have my hope.
It is true that people are weak and flawed. It is true that we all have dreams. We need one another to keep walking forward no matter how painful the path might be. Regardless of anything, people pass on their dreams to others who share the same beliefs to find a way to move forward. That is how it has always been. Having someone besides you all the time and this person challenges you can make all the difference.
You see the way that the world is right now, leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. There is indiscriminate development with little regard of how that development impacts the whole world. Sky scrapers shoot up, water bodies reclaimed even when that might not be the development that is needed by this world. All the poison in this world is caused by humanity itself and therein lies the issue.
You see as humans we have gotten so used to ignoring the fact that Mother Nature does not have an ounce of mercy. Our ancestors, however, understood that. They were products of nature and they understood it instinctively that Mother Nature was a heartless woman. So in order to survive they created the foundations of this world. They created civilization, cities, societies and countries.
But then it all went wrong because it grew too big and complicated. A society that was meant to serve the people slowly made the people serve it the way it is this very instance as you read this simple writing. As time winds on, one thing is obvious, this society that humanity calls the world today has made life too difficult for ordinary people. What was made to give the lives of human beings hope, purpose and direction instead gave birth to different systems, and the law of Mother Nature did not allow the systems to co-exist. This is because two systems from opposing spectrums will always try to prove themselves more superior than the other.
But I say that it is possible for humanity to succeed. That desire that drove our ancestors to form civilizations is still lying dormant in all of us. The opposing ideologies might someday, perhaps, be merged into one.
Even if the current world seeks to reject such notions; even if the world and humans as we are today say no to this particular notion; even if all the hatred of the down trodden continues to runner deeper than the earth’s core, there might be a day when humanity seeks to form one idea, one goal and one future that consists of every man doing what they believe is right for their future and the future of the world.
Yes, it is a child’s duty to take on the wishes of your parent. Sometimes their wishes consume the child to the point that the child loses their future. Yes, parents give children life and the bond of blood makes it the duty of a child to fulfil those wishes. It can become a curse and not a wish, but that is the way the world is and most people stick to this ethos out of duty, but is it really the future the child will want.
Sticking to the way things are is something that is norm, and breaking it is terrible, but it is needed. The future is always a conflict and some seek to use that conflict and take over the future for themselves. They ignore what I would call, God’s greatest gifts to mankind. They pay a blind eye to human possibility, human choice and humanity as a whole. They take the decision away from us by thinking of a future that envisions them and not us as a whole.
But honestly, isn’t the choice to one’s future a choice of self.
The world is full of many contradictions, but my thoughts lie in the fact that the choices of tomorrow must not be made by us, they must be made by the children, the youth who are alive today and their children who are yet to be born. It is not the place of those that are living their futures to decide the future of those who are yet to fully understand the ways of the world. 
Some will say that we are fighting, what more do you want us to do?
All I can say is there is always more you can do. Why? That is because you will always be a scape goat for someone that seeks to take away the choice from you and those who will follow you. Will you die in vain while you curse the world after realizing that you have done little in this world? I will cry for you until you realise that there is more that you can do for this world to hold onto your future and the future of those around you.
Some of you might be asking why is he willing to cry for others? A few others might be thinking that a man should never cry in front of others, but honestly there is nothing wrong with crying because crying because you care is a different matter from the normal crying.
Even though we are sad in this world of ours, we must try to escape this sadness. We must live hoping for our personal futures. Even if you are going through hell with loads of pain, do not close your heart because of it. Acknowledge that sadness and fight against those that seek to dampen the future we all dream of by taking us along into their personal hells. You see sadness ends up taking us through to anger, but never give in to that anger and close your heart. It does no good.
You will lose your chance at being a human…the link to your humanity. Anger can become a slave master and once that happens you realise that you are a slave without anything to live for. With the sadness of living for hatred and anger one realises that humanity’s true gem is the power of the human heart. That is where my hope for the future of humanity comes from.