Friday, 18 March 2016

A Letter to the Disheartened

Someone is attacked and they respond which prompts another attack. We all want have a happy life…to be happy, and we all fight because we think it is the only way we can achieve that. Perhaps the solution is a world without the threat of war. What would this kind of world look like? This is a world where if conflict was eliminated, all people on the earth would simply conform to a set plan and follow it. Your role will be predetermined and if you do not conform then you would be weeded out.
Such a world would have people who are not restrained by worry and people who are free from uncertainty about their role in life and the future. People would live untroubled by doubt.
But such a world is a fantasy, a world where people live according to the destinies decided for them, manipulating the very essence of what we are, our humanity and the one gift the creator granted us, choice. Yes, no war and every one would see that fighting is pointless in the world since our plans would be pre-planned.
But I ask you, don’t we create our own destiny and plans.
We all have dreams, wishes and hopes and to put it more bluntly, desires. We want to do this, we want to become that. We all feel that way and that is why such a world is fantasy and a delusion of the mad minds that wish that. I tell you, you cannot stay in the same position for too long.
Let me ask you, would you like a world where nothing happens and you’re told what you are supposed to do. I can tell you that for a long time, as people we have lived our lives in a selfish equilibrium. We share a dream in our selfishness but never realise it. You see world peace comes with freedom and independence of the minds. We cannot choose submission to what someone serves us on a golden plate full of jewels.
And, although some will say that it is better to know nothing and that what you do not know will not kill you, but in this world where such a fantasy as no war is the shared vision of many, I personally am not satisfied with that and neither should you be. I say we have one life that we can only live in this moment, in this hour the only time we have. Your dreams are yours and yours alone. Do not let others use them for their own benefit.
Your dreams just like your words make a difference. They matter. Sure, some will listen basing on who you are to them, but your words do mean something. When you believe in what you are saying in the moment, they are your words. If you have no choice but to fight, fight for your dreams and hope for the future. That is the very life force of all human beings and if I am to be honest all living things out there.
When you are denied your dreams and hopes for the future, you become nothing more than an empty husk of muscle and organs. We will be ruined capable of nothing more than mere existence. All our lives are a struggle for the future. It is right to fight for it and that is why you must fight. As living beings that is why we must fight to destroy that which would destroy us and plunge us into a world of living death.
And when you feel that something is a bad idea. If you feel it in your bones, stand up for your rights. Someone should not label you and what you stand for. You might not know until the fact has passed, but that is just the way things are. In this world of arrogance it is hard to know what is truth and what is fiction.
In this life we all do things so that they might be found and find ways to know that we might live again. We say goodbye but we know that we will soon say hello, and in that way all that we lose as we live our dreams will not matter because if it is truly ours it will come back to us. Something beautiful is happening and it is always happening in the present, not in the past and not in the future.
All you can do is raise your voice, sing and hope that it may happen tomorrow too because unlike the past the future is yet to come and it can be changed with our actions today, actions that we must determine with our own minds and hearts.
But you see we are all prototypes of our own faith and beliefs. Each of us has their own path to take in this world and as such should not let it be overtaken by unwanted attentions. The ideals of tomorrow’s world are our own and we must follow them. I can tell you that it will not be a pretty story worth being retold over and over again, but it is your story worth living and enjoying without being told what to do by those that do not understand a thing or two about living to chase your dreams.
The sad thing is that you might get into a sad situation that requires you to lose your body, mind and soul to your ideals and hopes. Interestingly such a situation for you will not be all that bad. It suits us as human beings so well that it might make us sad not to chase the situation that requires sacrifice.
That is why to the children of today I will tell them that when purity and innocence turns into actual power, they might bring a cloud of darkness over the world with that power. It might be a good darkness or the kind of darkness that frightens you, but as long as you are not conforming to what someone else is telling you to do without proper consent from your heart, then, it is alright, just alright.
That goes back to what war really is. It is many ideals fighting for prominence, when in actual truth these ideals are all chasing one dream. That is why you will find that there is one party crouched down as though they want to collapse. The hand they would have raised not being able to come down and strike the enemy in a fell swoop. And when the soldiers of the different ideals march off on their wars, their loved ones always ask, “tell me why you have to go?” And they always do not wait to hear the answer to the question. They simply tell the soldier, “all we want is you to come home.”
After all isn’t love for what you are fighting for why you are fighting?
In the end war is brought about because various forms of love reject each other. Love rejects love as a heavy burden and before you know it, it turns into a burning hatred that burns brighter than the yellow sun in our skies. The two hatreds then turn a blind eye to the inconvenient truths as long as they can fight to the death of the other. That is the world we live in today, a world of dilemas where we destroy each other and leave behind the fact that we once held love close to our bosoms and once tried to understand each other.
But there is another way. We all have a different option. Instead of plunging into war and violence why don’t we seek the warmth that is in each of us? Why don’t we look for more love that brings us to understanding each others’ pasts, troubles, dreams and desires? I think we resort to war because we are weak and because love hurts almost as much as it provides a great feeling.
Do not be afraid though. Face your fears and become stronger in your conviction. Then that is when we will learn to what it means to truly have desires, dreams and our own destinies.
So to create the future we have to change from what we are used to…We want people to understand us but do not want to understand them in return. So maybe we have our future and hope…