Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tastes and Preferences

I am pretty sure that someone has at least thrown a comment at you regarding how disinterested you are in a particular subject. Sure of course, we are all allowed our own tastes and preferences. If you studied economics it is one of the main if not commonest points in every single thing…demand, supply and blah, blah, blah…
Anyway, hello world, forgive my poor manners.
So this time round my rant if not thought goes to the people who believe that we are meant love the things that they love. Come on, people! I am not you. I am me. That means that even you who is reading this is the only version of yourself out there. You can look over the six billion people out there in the world and still find only one you. In short, what you hate, what you like and what you tolerate is unique to you.
And yes, kind sirs and madams, there might be someone who has similar tastes and preferences, but the similarity is actually a difference. Personally, I love Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and the likes. Why? Because I love swords, knights, armour and stuff to do with the Middle Ages. I am what you’d call a geek…seeing as I have read the books too.
Anyhow, some other person out there might also like these mentioned movies and series, but their reasons could have more to do with plot, relationships etc. To me those things are secondary and to them they are primary. That is just how it is. So you see…similar but different. We might all be from a singular tree, but every branch is bloody different people.
This brings me to the bigger point. Our dear parents and relatives. “Abana ba naku zi’no…tebafayo” Forgive my Luganda (my native language…kindly look it up) This statement translates into ‘kids of these days, don’t give a damn.’
If I am to be honest, why should I care for things that I have no interest in. It is not my place to do so. I mean, you cultivated your tastes long before you thought of me. And now that I am cultivating my own, you have a problem with it. If you wanted me to have some sort of interest in your shit and all, kindly you should have introduced me to it long before it would not really matter to me.
Besides, it is not that we do not care about the things dear to your hearts. Honestly we do, but not as much as we care for the things closest to our hearts. You're our family and we will always care for what is important to you, but never to the extent that what is important to us(me) becomes secondary in our lives.
So kindly do not blame me for being me with my own tastes and preferences. If you want me to love your things more than I do, you missed the boat.
PS: If you are reading this and your kid or whoever you want to care is not yet beyond the tender age of ten, you still have a chance. do the right thing yoooohhhhhh
Until then, I remain…the dream chasing nerd…