Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Gift

Can I boldly say that I am livid?
First off, why in God’s name, ah ah…let me change that to why the fuck are you letting other people cloud your own judgment? I mean, the fuck is wrong with people? I know that it is human nature to listen to others and sometimes let them influence what you think about something. But really…when it comes to gifts, what is wrong with people? Fine, compare and contrast, but I believe that the bigger picture is the damn thought that counts.
You must be able to see past what all the other people see on the surface. Most people see a bad thing or a good thing, depending on their own values. To me, yes to me, I prefer the thought. If you give me a pen from the bottom of your heart and someone else gives me a mansion, without true meaning, of course I will take both and be bloody grateful, but if I am honest, I know who I would rather give a gift, the person of the pen.
That is why, I am livid today.
This message is directed to some people built in a specific cantankerous mould as I would like to put it. So recently, I have a friend, who gifted someone a book on a special day. Books are very sentimental in my opinion. This friend had actually put it in his head that the specific book(I will tell you the title a few sentences away) would make an interesting read for someone who has an open mind.
Anyway, the gift was Fifty Shades Freed by E. L. James. Yes, I know what you might be thinking…B, D, fucking S, M. Well let me be honest. I have read the books, watched this year’s Valentine’s Day blockbuster, and my assessment remains the same. Fifty Shades of Grey has no major bad points aside from what the feminists and ultra conservative think.
Yes, pornography. But the porn pages are actually fewer than some of the candid and obvious porn in the Mills and Boons that my sister and mother used to read with so much attention in the earlier years. Misogyny, porno shit and all the likes are the bad things about this book, but if I am honest, that is where I stop with the bad things. E. L. James is actually a god writer and she did have plot in her Fifty Shades.
Mind you, I am not defending all the negative shit about this book. I am just being honest; movingly honest. If you read books, not basing on what others say, just basing on your own curiosity and love of books, then you can agree with me that Fifty Shades is not a bad book; definitely, not a book for a literature class, but who knows, we did the Song of Lawino in my S.2 (Ugandans you know what I am talking about)
So when my friend told me about the reaction of the person who received his book as a loving gift, I was shocked. Might I add that this resentment towards his gift came a full two weeks after receipt of the book and the person being more than halfway into the bloody book. That got me thinking, what the hell? What is wrong with people?
Why the fuck would you read the book all that way then turn round against it? Come on, just let it go as soon as you receive it. This person waited for others to call it porn, even after they had read the damn book, before they called out the young man who gave them the gift.
So, I will tell you what I told him. Fuck gifting people who will never appreciate it. Give the gifts to people who will value the thought more than the item.
Until next time,
I remain your dream chasing nerd…